Boxycharm – June 2018

What? Who posts about a subscription box from almost a year ago? Laaaaaaaame.

Well, that’s me. Late to the game and a procrastinating lame-o. I didn’t renew my Glossybox subscription because I felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of my money for it anymore. It started to feel like I was getting a bunch of stuff I didn’t want with maybe just one thing I did. I get that companies will fill these boxes with stuff they need to get rid of, but at some point, you have to keep the consumer in mind, if not, we’ll feel disregarded and cancel our service. I do miss Glossybox’s packaging because I could re-purpose all the packaging, but I feel less like a hoarder throughout the year when I don’t have 12 boxes taking up closet space. Insert, Boxycharm.

I have been a subscriber since last June and I LOVE THEM!!! I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’v gotten from them. Yes, there was a couple of items along the way where I thought, “WTF?” when I opened the box, but after trying each item I’ve received, I’m happy with everything so far.

So, onto this reveal. This box isn’t so much of a reveal, considering the company shows the variations of each month after they’ve been sent out, but I wanted to share the variation I got with y’all. This is, by far, the most worthwhile beauty subscription box I have found and I can’t recommend it enough to my friends.

In my June box, I received:

  • Battington – Monroe Silk Lashes {Retail: $28.00}
  • Luxie Beauty – Rose Gold Collection (3-Piece Flawless Complexion Set) {Retail: $42)

June was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship between this beauty addict and a subscription service that just gets me. It’s such a steal for $21/ month (if you do the month-to-month subscription), and you save more when you buy the whole year upfront. If you want to get in on this sweet subscription service, click on the link below.

Thanks for stopping by and leave some comments below if you’d like.

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