Welcome to my life! I rant, I rave, and I wander around looking for new adventures.

Cosmetologist, Certified Makeup Artist, Certified Massage Therapist & Holistic Health Practitioner, Gemini, Adventurer, Lover, Spiritualist, and forever exploring.

I’m a born and raised Texan, Californian implant, and a country-wide adventurer. Aside from a chronic addiction to beauty products, I love spending time hiking, rock-climbing, and going on road-trips (aka concert car rides featuring yours truly).

When it comes to beauty products, I’ve tried almost anything to heal and perfect my dry, sensitive skin and I may be a cosmetologist, but my hair is and will stay virgin (i.e. never been chemically altered). All the products I try, tend to stay within those margins.

As far as adventures go, I love going anywhere green! Road trips are my preference of travel because there’s so much scenery to take in and I don’t like to miss all the fine details when flying over them in a plane.

Feel free to look around as I blog about my life and experiences!

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