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Nothing I do is going to be trend-setting or something that hasn’t been seen or done before. With 7 billion people in the world, nothing really is original anymore. I started this series for a few reasons:

1: To push through the toxicity of depression and by that, I was told by a licensed professional that I should continue doing the things that brought me joy, even when I’m having a depressive episode and don’t feel happy or inspired by it. I’m not someone who has studied the human brain, so I trust the experts in helping me create a better life for myself, outside of my depression.

2: I’ve wanted to start a beauty channel for YEARS, but always talked myself out of it because of how brutal the internet can be and how cruel people can be when they can hide behind a screen and a keyboard. As years went by, I saw that the only one who was affected by my choices was me, and I felt more and more disappointed with myself for feeding into negativity that MIGHT happen. Fair is fair, I am not nor will I ever claim to be the best at anything, especially makeup, because there is always something new to learn and trends change all the time, so I know someone will dislike what I put out, but I feel confident in myself knowing that I’m coming from a place of love and positivity with my content and stand behind that.

3. As an introvert, it is really difficult to make friends, especially as an adult. In school, we’re surrounded by the same people on a regular basis, so its easy to build friendships in those circumstances, but when you are an independent contractor and run your schedule on your own terms, that option gets tossed out the window. So, for all my other introvert friends who want to feel like they’re getting ready with a friend who loves makeup as much as you do, but struggle to actually go out and make friends, I am here for you and so is my content.

Thank y’all for stopping by, feel free to roam around my site and I hope I convince you to browse again.

Volume 01:

Season 01:

Volume 01 – Season 01 – Episode 01

Volume 01 – Season 02 – Episode 02

Season 02:

Volume 01 – Season 02 – Episode 01)(Volume 01 – Season 02 – Episode 02)

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