Hiatus, Healing, & Resetting

I think it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything on my blog and I’m so very grateful to those of you that stuck around. So much has happened and I honestly don’t remember everything because there were so many ups and downs through it all.

A few big changes like a new member of the family joined my home and her name is Saffron.

She’s almost 6 months now and the biggest sweetheart! She’s given Castiel quite the headache from how much she tries to force him to play, but he stays the lazy dog he’s always been. We went on our first hike a couple days ago, before the rain started up again and she was so happy through it. I wish I recorded it, but she had such a fun time playing in the stream we came across on our hike.

The view of the sun and sky from my house on the day we got evacuated due to the fires.

Southern California has been through the ringer with Mother Nature over the last year. Between the extreme drought, the fires, mudslides, and the rains that cause flooding because there’s no proper irrigation here, we’re all just trying to take each day as it comes. Personally, I love the rain, because it gives me nostalgia since it reminds me of back home, but the flooding prohibits me from being able to drive anywhere.

Now, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m not out on some romantic date because I no longer feel the need to dress up for a holiday where everything becomes overpriced and overcrowded. I don’t mean to sound so negative, but on my hiatus, I’ve learned I’m more comfortable spending my time being comfortable and doing things I know will bring me joy. Going out to a loud restaurant or overcrowded movies are not on that list, especially when my anxiety doesn’t let me be comfortable in overcrowded situations.

I’m not proud of the time it has taken me to regain courage and confidence to post again, but I AM proud of the fact that I did find my courage and confidence again, despite depression trying to withhold it from me. If I’m being honest, I haven’t fully gained my confidence back, but I don’t plan on stopping my progress any time soon. 💪

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