Tarte – Puttin’ On the Glitz (Girls’ Night Out)


My Thoughts:

Unfortunately, this set is discontinued and since the company never took the time to give any of these shadows in the sets any names, I numbered and lettered them. There is no reference for me to make to these colors on their other eye shadows because they don’t sell individual eyeshadow pans. That’s probably my only issue with this brand and Too Faced, is they force us to repurchase an entire palette when we run out of an eyeshadow.

Performance/Wear:                               ★/5

All of these shadows have pigment power so a little more light-handed than usual when picking up product, especially with the darker eyeshadows. The formula feels so silky and luxurious when I apply them and the blend as easy as butter. The smell of these is a bit off-putting, but it does dissipate, thankfully. I prefer to use the designated blush on the bottom as an eyeshadow because that bad boy is WAY too pink and has too much fallout to bother using as a blush. Since all the powders here have a bit of a fallout issue, it’s a good thing I always do my eye makeup first, that way it’s easier to wipe up than having to redo my face makeup.

This is a wonderful daily palette because of its mostly-purple tones. The compact size makes it great for traveling because it takes up way less room in a luggage bag than most other palettes. The shadows seem to work better and last longer over the Too Faced – Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer than the Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Anti-Aging), although both primers are great nonetheless. For what I paid, this palette and the set it came in was so worth it, and they threw in a How-To guide! All the colors are great for creating a variety of looks appropriate for a daily work environment. I’m not referring to the people who work at Sephora and can get creative with their makeup, I’m referring to people in the military or a corporate environment where natural makeup is mandatory.

I think the crocodile texture is pretty is pretty cool and it feels really soft as well. The only concern I have with that is it being cloth making it a hotbed for bacteria over time. There is no way to clean it, so it basically just grabs my dead skin cells off my hands and accumulates over time. I know that sounds gross, but maybe that’s why the company discontinued the set. All of the colors have a fallout issue so it’s important that I do my eye makeup before my face makeup. Since I do my makeup that way, anyways, it’s not much of a change.


As I mentioned earlier, the shadows were not technically named so I “named” them by 2 columns and 3 rows as the following:

  • Column 1 consists of 1A, 1B, & 1C and the swatches are below:

Swatches of the 1st row applied wet, dry, and on paper.

    • 1A:
      • Matte
      • Black
      • Great for setting liquid eyeliner
      • Can double as a brow powder for those with very dark hair
      • Line upper lash line to create a denser look to lashes


    • 1B:
      • Shimmer
      • Pale lavender with silver micro-glitter


    • 1C:
      • Shimmer
      • Lilac
      • Can double as a dramatic face luminizer


  • Column 2 consists of 2A, 2B, & 2C and the swatches are below:

Swatches of 2nd column applied wet, dry, and on paper.

  • 2A:
    • Matte
    • Plum color
    • Set colored liquid eyeliner


  • 2B:
    • Shimmer
    • Dark smokey gray with silver micro-glitter
    • Set liquid eyeliner
    • Line upper lash line to create a denser look to lashes


  • 2C:
    • Shimmer
    • Pale baby pink
    • Can double as a face luminizer


  • And last, but not least, the super shimmery luminizer with a fallout problem:
    • Shimmer
    • Pearl color
    • Great for using as an eyeshadow in well for highlighting the inner eye groove and brow arch

Swatches are applied on paper, dry, & wet


Price:                                                          ★/5

I don’t remember the exact price I paid for this, but I knew it was a steal! Its value was double its price and it was on sale so I scored some major wins with this! Apologies for not having an exact number to do the math on the actual value of this palette. I believe it was around $40-$50 (but don’t quote me because I’m not 100% sure) for the 2 palettes, the clutch, and the lipgloss that came in the set. Even though the clutch is useless, it still was an awesome deal.

Packaging:                                                ★/5

Eh, could’ve been better. The magnets to keep the palettes closed are pretty strong, by the cloth texture makes me uncomfortable because of all the bacteria it absorbs and there’s no way to remove it. The clutch that the set came with is cute and chic, but I don’t know any sensible person that would take a makeup palette with them for the day or the night out. Most people only bring a lipstick, so I appreciate the cute idea, but it was useless. The pans are nice and large making it way easier to keep a clean palette and keeps me from accidentally picking up another color.


  • Neutral color scheme
  • Large pans
  • Very pigmented
  • Compact size
  • Sturdy packaging (strong magnets & thick plastic case)


  • Bad initial smell
  • Cloth outer material
  • Fallout
  • No mirror

Texture:                                       Pressed powders

Scent:                                           Chemical

Recommend?                             Sure

Size:                                              Eyeshadows: 0.07 oz. x 6, Luminizer: 0.17 oz.

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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