Make Up For Ever – Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner (12L – Blue with Green Highlights)


Online Description:

What it is:
A long-wearing, waterproof eye pencil that pairs ultra-creamy glide with instant color intensity.

What it does:
A pro artist favorite, Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Liner’s superior, long-lasting formula will not smudge, crease, or fade until you remove it. Its innovative formula blends intense, rich color with a super-gliding texture. This versatile liner’s smooth texture effortlessly glides onto lids without skipping or tugging while delivering intense, one-swipe color that lasts all day. Ideally applied with light pressure, this pencil is perfect for creating a tight line or smudging for a shadow effect. Available in 20 shades, it features shades that range from everyday neutrals to bright pastel pops.

MAKE UP FOR EVER joined forces with pop star Charli XCX to create this collection of Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliners. Best known for her chart-topping hits, including “Boom Clap” and “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea and “I Love It” with Icona Pop, Charli’s bold, artistic, transformative nature and energetic stage presence exemplify the creative spirit of MAKE UP FOR EVER and the Aqua XL collection.

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

My Thoughts:

I believe I received this on one of the Sephora favorites sets I’ve purchased and since I have had such great results with the brand’s HD foundation, I figured this would be a shoe-in for a favorite product. Right off the bat, the packaging is a deal-breaker for repurchasing this because it requires sharpening, instead of being a twist-up. There is no scent to the product itself, but the pencil that encases the cream product does smell of wood, but faintly. For me, that isn’t an issue because I’m one of those weird people who like the smell of wood, whether it be from trees outside or freshly sharpened pencils (the writing kind), but for people who have headaches or migraines easily triggered by certain smells, I felt I should mention it.

This came as a deluxe mini, but that hasn’t stopped it from has lasting me quite some time because I don’t really wear eyeliner too often, let alone colored eyeliner. Teal is probably one of my favorite colors and to be honest, I would’ve just tossed this in my drawer and forgotten about it for months if it was black because I received tons of black eyeliners in my Glossybox subscription that I have more than I’ll need for years. I’m not complaining about more makeup, only that since this is a colored eyeliner, it stood out and caught my attention more often than others which increased how much I used it which gives me an in-depth experience to write this review on.

Packaging:                                                ★/5

Anyone who’s read my reviews before knows I despise products that require sharpening because they force customers to toss out our money. What I mean by that is every time a wood shaving is twisted out from the sharpener, there is a shaving of the cream product attached to it and down it goes into trash with the wood shaving all to get more product. In my opinion, that’s a slap in the face to the customers who spend hard-earned money on their products by the companies who are either too lazy or too cheap to package their product in a twist-up pencil tube instead.

If the company does repackage this, they need to work on the cap security as well. That little sucker slips off any chance it can and I’ve lost many clutch bags to this eyeliner smearing all over the inside to bags that can’t be cleaned and since this is waterproof, not even the most trusted dry-cleaner in my area could get the stain completely out. When I tried to wash it out myself, it kind of turned into super glue, further adhering itself to the fabric and made an even uglier stain.

Performance/Wear:                               ★★★★★/5

I genuinely love the results of this product, which make my decision not to repurchase that much harder. It glides on so easily, without the need to go over an area a hundred times to get pigment to show up like many other eyeliners require and it stays put, mostly. The Marc Jacobs Beauty – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner is far more reliable when it comes to waterproof and non-budge-wear. This eyeliner provides great pigment that lasts quite some time, but still wears off and requires touch-ups throughout the day, while the Marc Jacobs one lasts longer without the need for consistent touch-ups.

For some reason, this eyeliner BURNS my eyes when I wear it, but from other reviews I read, it’s most likely just from an allergy that I (and a few others who received medical advice on the issue) have with one of the ingredients and not from the product being bad in itself. Personally, I prefer to wear cream eyeliner on my water lines and liquid liner on my lash lines, but this also works for the lash lines and adds not only color, but a sultry vibe as well if you smudge it out.

This color in particular is a nice teal with a metallic finish that compliments both blue and green eyes. I’ve used this as an accent color, for themed looks (ex. Fourth of July), and even as a brow pencil for clients with colored brows. Now, that last example is a bit rarer than the others, but in today’s society, it’s pretty common for people to color their brows the same color as their hair or to completely shave off their brows in order to draw on their brows how they want with whatever color they want and it’s all completely acceptable. This color gives me the ability to accommodate that kind of client when I come across them.

Paper Swatch

Now, if you have dry skin like I do, you’ll need more than your usual cleanser to remove this product because this will adhere to your skin like it’s survival depended on it. What I’ve learned is it’s best to go in with a cotton swab soaked in a liquid makeup remover specifically designed to completely dissolve and remove waterproof makeup and clean it up first, before you wash your face. If not, this stuff will just smear, and I’ve looked up from rinsing my face wash off to find I look like a blue panda. That may sound cute initially, but those who’ve struggled with makeup running know that that look is only cute on the real pandas.

Maybe it’s because my eyes are pretty watery in general when I apply eyeliner to my water lines, but this held up better than most other eyeliners I’ve tried, despite the occasional blue-stained eye booger that I have to clean out of my eyes. I’ve even tried mixing this with some clear brow gel to apply as a mascara topcoat and it worked great. The formula obviously wasn’t waterproof as it’s formulated to be because it was diluted with another product, but it still had enough pigment to add some flair and sass to my normal look.

Skin Swatch

Price:                                                          ★★★/5

Considering I’m basically tossing out half the product when I’m sharpening it to get more product out, this is definitely not worth what they’re charging. Now, if they ever repackage this, I would definitely rethink this section of the review, but until then, it sits as is.

I can’t recommend someone spending their hard-earned money on something that’s going to force them to waste money and do so with a clear conscience.


  • Great pigment
  • Mostly waterproof
  • Glides on like butter
  • No scent
  • Great accent color
  • Multi-purpose


  • Requires sharpening
  • Difficult to remove
  • Burns my eyes

Texture:                                       Creamy pencil

Scent:                                           The cream has none, the pencil smells like wood

Recommend?                             Sure

Repurchase?                               Sure

Retail:                                           $21.00

Size:                                              0.04 oz.

Want to try this for yourself?

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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