Doucce – Freematic Blush: Mono (54 – Vintage Mauve)

Product Information

Online Description:

This blusher provides a sheer and silky smooth natural coverage is both buildable and blendable. The soft and silky powder glides on evenly and effortlessly. Add any combination of the 14 blush colors ranging from matte to shimmer, to build the perfect Freematic magnetic palette. Change it once again whenever you need to match the new vibe and ambiance. The versatile silky powders are extremely rich, and weightless, allowing for effortless application without smudging or caking. The long-lasting oil-free formula won’t fade throughout the day.


My Thoughts:

Glossybox for the win AGAIN! Every now and then, Glossybox will send a dud makeup product that is just downright awful (ex. Figs & Rouge – Avancé+ (Mattifying Emulsion MT+ Sheer)), but this is one of the gems that they blessed us customers with. I had lapsed a month with my subscription, so I didn’t get the previous month’s box that included the empty compact and a mono blush as well, but the following month, they sent the second blush to complete the compact and I lucked out on that getting this one.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of their matte lipstick that I also received from Glossybox, but the mascara works wonders and the color on this blush was too pretty not to give it a shot. Dusty rose/mauve colors are generally my go-to blush colors because that’s what compliments pretty much every skin complexion and this one was no exception to that rule. Even if I didn’t like it on myself, which I actually love it, I could’ve always just used it in my makeup kit on clients who would’ve been more suited for it.


Packaging:                                                ★★★★★/5

The box itself is pretty flimsy and so is the carton thing it’s sitting in when you slide it out of the box. My favorite part about this and what makes up for the cheap feeling of the other aspects of the packaging is the magnets attached to the bottom of this pan. Now, I know it’s meant for the empty palettes designed by the company, but the magnets make it easy to stick in any palette you already have.

The main downside to the minimal material used on the pan itself is that once you toss out the box, there’s no way to identity what color it is. For my clients, I write a list of everything I used on them that way they can repurchase any products they absolutely loved from their appointment and for reference in case anything caused a reaction later on, it would help them be able to look up the ingredients to each product to try and pinpoint the problem. I keep this pan in the box for that reason alone because I need to be able to give a correct product reference instead of looking unprofessional and guessing what it might be. There isn’t a person in the world that’s comfortable with hearing, “yeah, I’m not sure exactly what this is,” while you’re applying it to their face.

The weave pattern on the product is simple, rustic and gives the product extra kudos for adding that small, but pleasant design detail. I like that the lid easily slides off making it easy to open and close the product, but still giving me piece of mind that the product is covered so it’s less-likely to have bacteria building up in it.


Performance/Wear:                               ★★★★★/5

They aren’t kidding about this product being buildable, I’ll tell you that right off the bat. I have to be careful when picking up product with my brush because the powder is finely-milled and easily picks up too much. This may be a gorgeous color, but I still look ridiculous as anyone would with too much blush, so use this product with a light hand. With it’s subtle shimmer, it gives a natural glow to my cheeks, without enhancing any of the fine lines on my face.

I can use this with a brush, my fingers, or my beautyblender, and it still looks like a natural flush to my cheeks either way. It feels weird blending this over foundation and setting powder, almost like I’m blending nothing over this layer that I can feel sitting on my skin (foundation and powder). I’m sure that’s an awful description, but with most other powders, I can feel some kind of texture when I’m blending it, whether it be velvety, dry and matte, or silky smooth. With this, it honestly feels like I’m aimlessly blending nothing on my face with my brush, yet I can see the color blending around my cheeks and giving life back into my face.

I have yet to see any signs of fading or it breaking up during wear time, but then again, that also depends on the base and powder I use under it. To test this out alone, I’ve worn this over just my moisturizer, and although doing that may make many makeup snobs scoff, it held up just fine without any signs of breaking up, settling into fine lines, or fading in the slightest. Obviously, it’ll smudge and transfer if enough pressure is used against in, but I don’t really brush my face up against much, besides my clothes when I change.


Price:                                                          ★★★★★/5

This blush reminds me of Sephora products in the sense that is wears just as well as other high-end brands, without all the flashy, unique packaging the other brands tie to their products. It wears as well as blushes from Benefit, MUD, Sephora, Nars, etc. and costs as much as a Sephora product does. Plus, this is able to be moved to a larger pan instead of bulky packaging confining it to a single box or compact. Overall, this is a product worth trying out for anyone looking for high-end results without wanting to pay the high-end tag.



Slide Top


  • Great pigment
  • Easily blendability
  • Doesn’t enhance fine lines
  • Subtle shimmer
  • Universally flattering color
  • No scent
  • Multi-purpose
  • Buildable color
  • Doesn’t break up over time
  • Works well with other products


  • No shade label on the pan itself


Texture:                                       Pressed powder

Scent:                                           None

Recommend?                             Sure

Repurchase?                               Sure

Retail:                                           $14.00

Size:                                              3.4g


Want to try this for yourself?

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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