Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Palette (The Vegan Palette)


Online Description:

Our mind-blowing formula delivers unmatched performance in a stunning array of shades.

• Soft, amazingly velvety texture
• Rich, dense and decadent color
• Smooth, uniform pigment distribution and blendability
• Long-lasting, crease-free wear

The secret to the new formula is our Pigment Infusion System™, a vehicle for color that holds tightly to pigment and gives the formula its glide. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the Eyeshadow formula. What does all that mean? Insane payout. Color that stays on your lids. Sparkle that doesn’t fall. And a velvety, suede-like smoothness and blendability.

This amazing technology works for every shade and finish. Have you ever had trouble blending a black or purple shade? How about a matte? Every Urban Decay shade goes on silky, blends easily and stays put.
Our assortment of shades features:
• Best-sellers
• New shades
• Lots of shades previously only available in PALETTES (You asked, we listened!)
• Shimmer, satin, sparkle, duotone and matte finishes

Inspired by NYC subway tokens, our gorgeous gunmetal compact allows you to pop your shadows out, and pop them into a Build Your Own Palette. (It’s easy…no melting, magnets or breakage.)

Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free.


My Thoughts:

I can’t remember exactly when I got this or if I got it from Nordstrom Rack or Urban Decay’s website, but I know I got it on sale. Everything included made this buy such a steal, and I bought this on impulse because of the great experience I had with UD’s Naked palette. The colors blend just as well and easily as all the other eyeshadows from every other palette I’ve tried from UD, except this palette is now discontinued.

Just like all the other palettes from UD, the eyeshadows have no smell, which is a great bonus for those who have migraines easily triggered by certain smells. The palette is lovely for its good intention, but the color choices seem poorly chosen. Most of the colors work well for a natural look (URB, Twice Baked, Smog, Half Baked), but the other two, look like they were just tossed in the palette because the company was trying to phase out the colors or some other reason.

I have nothing against that, of course because they’re still gorgeous colors, but some of the colors are discontinued, leaving me with no way to replace the discontinued colors.

Packaging:                                                ★★★★★/5

It came with a deluxe mini eyeliner inside with 6 eyeshadows and a petite mirror inside. The mirror is a huge win for me because a lot of palettes, especially large, luxury palettes, don’t include mirrors, so for this petite palette to include one, is a huge win.


Performance/Wear:                               ★★★★★/5

As always, the eyeshadows blend seamlessly, like butter while still retaining pigment. Some eyeshadows from other brands turn muddy when trying to blend them with other colors, but these hold their color marvelously. Primer isn’t necessary for dry, or sensitive skin, but it is necessary for those with oily lids. Also, the blue and green colors are more vibrant with white eyeshadow primer underneath it. Every now and then, I get an allergic reaction from the original eyeshadow primer formula from UD, but the Anti-Aging formula seems to work great with all skin types and provides the best results for all eyeshadows in the collection.

Applied wet or dry, these colors wear well throughout the day, or night. I can apply with a brush or my finger and the pigment holds, while still blending gently on my skin. Only one color has a fallout issue, which it happens to be a discontinued color, but nonetheless, that isn’t a common issue with UD eyeshadows normally. As Ud’s norm, none of the colors crease, with or without primer and they all provide a shimmer finish.

Another great factor is that the colors mix well with other brand formulas. For example, when I run out of one color, I can use a dupe from another palette and it’ll still wear well. All the colors are true to what you see in the palette so I don’t have to worry about relentlessly building up product or worrying about the colors oxidizing.

Row 1: Minx, URB, Gunmetal



  • Shimmer with silver glitter
  • Mermaid blue shimmer
  • Looks like Haight
  • The glitter causes a bit of fallout
  • The pigment wears well over any primer, but is more vibrant over a white primer
  • Enhances blue, green, and hazel eyes
  • Looks like D-236 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like Venice from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow collection



  • Shimmer
  • Olive green with silver micro-glitter
  • Looks like Maui Wowie
  • Gorgeous earthy green that works great for holiday themed looks or pairs perfectly with natural looks
  • Enhances brown and green eyes
  • Looks like I-328 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection



  • Shimmer
  • Dark blue-ish gray
  • Perfect for creating a smoky effect to any look
  • Line upper lash line to create denser look to lashes
  • If used lightly, this works as a gorgeous transition color
  • Enhances blue and hazel eyes
  • Looks like ME-108 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection


Row 2: Twice Baked, Smog, Half Baked


Twice Baked:

  • Shimmer
  • Rich brown satin with gold micro-glitter
  • Perfect for turning neutral daytime looks to nighttime looks
  • Apply tightly to upper lash line to give a denser look to lashes
  • Use to set liquid eyeliner
  • Enhances green and hazel eyes
  • Looks like Mekong from Nars’ eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like ME-614 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like Chocolate from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow collection

Twice Baked


  • Shimmer
  • Deep coppery bronze
  • I love using this in the V (outer lid and crease) to give depth and create a natural, minimal-makeup look
  • Enhances green and hazel eyes
  • Use to set brown liquid eyeliner
  • Looks like Galapagos from Nars’ eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like S-632 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like Terracotta from Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like Chai from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow collection


Half Baked:

  • Shimmer
  • Golden Bronze
  • Most popular color from UD and it’s in almost every palette of theirs
  • Enhances every eye color and every complexion
  • Can double as a face luminizer
  • Looks like Crème Brulee from Too Faced
  • Looks like Night Star from Nars’ eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like I-648 from Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadow collection
  • Looks like Penny Metal from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadow collection

Half Baked

Price:                                                          ★★★★★/5

I can’t remember exactly what I paid for this, only that I got it on sale and that even before it was discounted, it was still priced at a fraction of its retail value. Plus, it had a deluxe mini eyeliner included in it which adds to its value, making it worth the price I paid.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Talc, Zinc Stearate, PTFE, Ethylene/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid. May contain: CI 77019 (Mica), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77491/77499 (Iron Oxides).


  • Smooth, buttery formulas
  • Very pigmented
  • Wears well applied wet/dry
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Strong magnet
  • Mirror included
  • No scent
  • Some colors can be purchased as full-sized eyeshadows when pans are empty


  • Overwhelming design to packaging; it just looks like a jumbled mess

Texture:                                       Pressed powder

Scent:                                           None

Recommend?                             Sure

Repurchase?                               The individual shadows, yes

Size:                                              6 x 0.03 oz.

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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