Marc Jacobs Beauty – O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan (104 – Tan-tastic!)

Box (Front)

Online Description:

A universally flattering, seamless matte bronzer in a limited-edition, glossy white compact. This super-sized bronzer instantly and universally beautifies with the touch of a brush. Micro-fine, jet-milled powder blends effortlessly for a flawless, radiant-matte finish that looks great on all skin tones. The limited-edition palette features the same seamless matte formula of O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan in a more neutral bronze shade, and it’s delicately scented with comatte formula of O!mega Bronze Perfect Tan in a more neutral bronze shade, and it’s delicately scented with coconut fragrance for a vacation vibe. It is formulated Without: – Parabens- Sulfates- Phthalates O!Mega Bronze Coconut Perfect Tan is inspired by Marc Jacobs’s love of coconut water.






Pro Tips:


What it is:
A radiant-matte powder bronzer in an oversized compact for the perfect tan for face and body.

What it does:
This super-sized bronzer instantly beautifies with the touch of a brush. Created with micro-fine, jet-milled powder and advanced pigment technology, O!Mega Bronzer blends seamlessly onto your skin for a flawless, radiant-matte finish. Conditioning agents ensure a smooth, silky texture, while the bronzer’s universal shade Tantric gives you a natural-looking, even glow. Bigger. Bronzer. Better.

What else you need to know:
For optimal bronzing on the face and body, apply with The Bronze Bronzer Brush.

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.


My Thoughts:

My impulse buys save the day again! I wasn’t even looking for a new bronzer when I was in Sephora, I was there to restock some skincare items, and just started browsing around and found this little gem. There was only one left, so I snagged it that way no one else could have it if it really was an amazing as my intuition led me to believe. Normally, I don’t purchase expensive items like this without doing extensive research first, so I decided to look up some reviews of it online real quick and since the store was pretty busy at the time, I knew I had time. The product is no longer available or even listed on Sephora’s website (they better not have deducted my points even after they removed the product from their site!), but I kept tapping the ‘next’ option for reviews and one right after the other was a flow of positive reviews and I was sold. Worst case scenario, I return it as long as I kept my receipt, which ended up not being necessary.

This is probably the BEST bronzer I have ever used! From its buttery texture to its neutral color on my skin, I fell in love! Most of the time, I loathe coconut-scented things because companies will create an artificial scent that smells nothing like coconuts and just like pure PlayDough. 🤮 This, however, smells exactly like coconut! It’s as if the company shaved off pieces from a coconut and melted it into this gorgeous compact! It’s not strong and overpowering, but instead is light and faint. I can smell it in the compact, but it dissipates shortly after it’s applied to my face which I’m going to consider a good thing because I’m sure I’d get sick of the smell if I had to smell it constantly throughout the day.


Performance/Wear:                               ★/5

Did I mention this was the best bronzer ever?! Well, just for luck’s sake, I’ll explain why. I had the same assumption as you probably do about the color because it looked far too orange in the compact to be a suitable bronzer for my pale skin, but surprise, surprise! It isn’t! I don’t know how the company does it, but it looks orange in the compact, yet shows up a neutral color on my skin resulting in a hybrid between a contour and bronzed effect. Plus, whether it is applied dry or wet (for a more intense color), it still results to a matte finish, but not like the stereotypical matte finish that dries your skin out and enhances any kind of dryness you might have and even creates a little, no. Instead, this provides a matte finish that borderlines on velvet because it looks so even and natural that it also looks like it would be soft to the touch, like velvet is.

Open 02

Since the powder is so finely-milled and very pigmented, I never need much for each application which is great for my pocket considering how expensive this was in the first place. That being said, I also want to prolong my use of this as much as I can because this coconut version is limited edition and once I’m out, I’ll have to restock with the original formula. The main downside is that it only works as a bronzer for lighter-skinned consumers, so the bronzer only works as a bronzer for some and once you hit a medium complexion, this just becomes an all-over face powder because it won’t provide much of a bronzing effect for people with a lot of melanin in their skin naturally.

Which brings me to my next pro, this also doubles as a transition color for eye looks. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the best trick I’ve ever learned is doubling a bronzer for a transition shade because that’s one of the most frequently used eye products and good quality eyeshadows aren’t cheap to replace. Especially when it comes to lines like Too Faced, who don’t sell individual shadows. This is a perfect substitute and applies just as gently and pigmented on your eyes as it would your face, plus when you only use this as an eyeshadow, this giant size lasts WAY longer than any of the individual shadows by Make Up For Ever or Urban Decay do.

Another substitute to mention is this can also double as a brow powder, but that area is way slimmer than the amount of people who can use this as a bronzer. Regardless, I wanted to mention all the ways I have already found that this provides use for. Of course, this also works on the body, as the company suggests, but I’ve found it works best to even out a self-tan, instead of wasting a bunch of product going from my kind of pale to sun-kissed by using this product alone. When I’ve used this to even out my self-tan, I’m able to use less of this product and I can build it to match the surrounding areas that are darker than others, creating an even, airbrushed effect to my self-tan. Given, I don’t self-tan very often, but I wanted to test out this product’s durability on that task and it held up pretty well. The only considerations are that you don’t sit anywhere on cloth, especially car seats, and don’t go swimming, because no amount of makeup setting spray will save the bronzer from being removed by the chlorine (pool) or the salt (ocean).

Since it does create a neutral color, this works well on both olive-based skin tones and ruddy-based skin tones. If it had more orange or green in the finish, I’d suggest otherwise, but neutral products like this tend to work universally. Whether I use a brush, my fingers, or my beautyblender, this applies so gently and buttery without the need for me to blend for hours to create an even finish. Those of us with sensitive can relate on how important that is because we can only spend so long blending products before it causes irritation and some kind of reaction. This causes neither and it’s only one of the many reasons I fell in love with this product.

Skin Swatch

Packaging:                                                ★/5

The box packaging looks pretty typical for Marc Jacobs’ packaging, which is a pro for a few reasons being they’re consistent with their look which speaks of sophistication and professionalism and simple by not overwhelming the product with flamboyant designs (nothing against products that do) which let the product quality speak for itself. Also, it is an easy identifier when you see a product you like on social media but the person who posted it didn’t leave the product info, you can tell who made it and narrow the shopping task from there. The company doesn’t take any chances with product damage and in doing so, they included an extra cardboard buffer in the inside of the box to help cushion from any kind of impact, which I have to give kudos to. I’ve been a victim of receiving broken product as I’m sure everyone in the world has at least once in their life and the sheer heartbreak that comes from it, followed by the chore of having to go to the store to exchange it, which defeats the purpose of ordering online in the first place. The extra buffer that the cardboard provides gives me piece of mind that no matter where I travel with this and how many times I accidentally drop it (in the box, of course) that the product inside will stay intact (depending how far the drop).

Getting passed the extra cardboard, an elegant, slender, white compact is revealed and holy moly, it’s HUGE! Normally bronzers come packaged smaller, with less product, but around the same price as this. This product not only gives you more quantity of the bronzer, but it gives you sturdy packaging with a huge mirror inside! Y’all know I’m a sucker for big mirrors in products and this one is the mother of all mirrors in a compact! Aside from the mirror, there’s a thin, but strong plastic sheet that functions as a barrier between the mirror and the powder to prevent the mirror from getting product on it and needing constant cleanups which would in turn, waste product. The little, silver button is an easy push to open the palette and it’s not so easy that I would worry about it opening up in a bag if I ever traveled with it without the box, but easy enough not to intensify my chronic hand and wrist pain. When it pops open, it doesn’t shoot the lid off and open itself all the way, instead, it delicately pops off the clip that keeps it shut which further adds to the dainty, elegance of the overall packaging personality of the product.

Price:                                                          ★/5

It’s worth it, simple as that. Yes, it’s on the pricier side of bronzers, but when you compare prices to how much the competitor brands actually give you in their bronzers vs this one, it’s an easy choice. And I know you may be thinking, “But you always say quality over quantity, so what happened to that?” Nothing happened to it, my friend, because this wins in that category as well. There are a few close seconds, like Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, that produce similar quality and results, but this bronzer is still in the lead. So, for the price you pay for the quantity AND quality, this is your best option.


-Rice Powder and Conditioning Agents: Enable ultimate adhesion to skin, longwear, and seamless application.

Talc, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Dimethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Zinc Stearate, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Dimethiconol, Hexylene Glycol, Isononyl Isononanoate, Carmine (Ci 75470). (+/-) Mica, Titanium Dioxide (Ci 7789i), Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492, Ci 77499), Ultramarines (Ci 77007), Manganese Violet (Ci 77742), Ferric Ferrocyanide (Ci 77510), Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide (Ci 77510) Bismuth Oxychloride, (Ci 77163), Chromium Oxide Greens (Ci 77288), Chromium Hydroxyde Green (Ci 77289), Red 6 (Ci 15850), Red 7 (Ci 15850), Red 7 Lake (Ci 15850), Red 28 Lake (Ci 45410), Red 30 Lake (Ci 73360), Blue 1 Lake (Ci 42090), Yellow 5 Lake (Ci 19140), Yellow 6 Lake (Ci 15985).

*Note: the ingredients are listed for the original bronzer. Since this one has coconut and was Limited Edition, I was unable to find an ingredient list online, but I’m assuming they used most, or all, of the ingredients from the original formula.



  • Great pigment
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Works over various skin types
  • Matte/velvet finish
  • Works with various makeup products
  • Lovely, light, coconut scent
  • Multi-purpose
  • Gorgeous, sturdy packaging
  • Huge mirror inside
  • Same results whether applied wet, dry, with fingers, brush, or beautyblender
  • Soft, buttery texture
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Blends quickly and easily


  • Limited edition

Texture:                                       Silky pressed powder

Scent:                                           Coconut

Recommend?                             Yes

Repurchase?                               Yes, but it’ll have the be the original since this was LE

Retail:                                           $49.00

Size:                                              0.8 oz.


Want to try the original formula for yourself?

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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