Julep – Your Lip Addiction: Tinted Lip Oil Treatment (Obsessed)

Product Information

Online Description:

A secret for soft, beautiful lips, Julep’s Your Lip Addiction Tinted Lip Oil Treatment uses a blend of oils to smooth and nourish lips. A nourishing oil base provides a high-shine finish, while pigments suspended in an oil base provide a semi-staining effect–or clear, when you want to go au natural.

A healing blend of lip-loving oils formulated for weightless, wear-all-day comfort. Super shine meets zero stickiness in your new favorite nourishing lip product, boosted by a sheer tint of color (or clear, for when you want to go au natural).


  • Camellia oil smooths and plumps lips from the inside out, sourced directly from Korea’s Jeju Island
  • Avocado oil increases collagen production
  • Rosehip seed oil delivers essential nutrients to soothe and repair
  • Grape seed oil absorbs easily to help other oils dive down deep
  • “This is my Korean secret for soft, beautiful, age-defying lips.” – Jane Park, Founder and CEO

How do I use it: Apply over bare lips, or layer over your favorite lip color for an extra pop of shine.

My Thoughts:

Getting full-sized makeup goodies from my Glossybox subscription always makes me one happy girl! I haven’t tried many lip oil treatments in the past, so I was intrigued to try this one and see how well it holds up wearing on its own and with other lip products. The worst part about this product is the smell and considering that is pretty faint, it’s easy to assume this product was a win. For those (like me) who aren’t used to wearing oil treatments on their lips, it does take a little getting used to because when I first used it, it felt like it was going to run down my face, but never did. From someone who has dry skin, and more relative, dry and chapped lips, this product is easily made (wait for it…) an addiction (badumtiss!). I kid you not, I will either use this as a last step in my skincare routine or first step in my makeup routine, but I’ll rotate it with a lip balm so that way I don’t use it up so quickly.

Performance/Wear:                               ★★★★★/5

Wearing this alone provides a hint of tint with quite a bit of shine that makes it look like a gloss, but not feel like one. Using this as a prep product and wearing it under another lip product not only provides intense moisturization for your lips to remain healthy throughout the day, but the hint of pigment in this adds to the pigment intensity of whatever you layer over this. Both work wonders and I have yet to have an issue with this reacting in some way with another product. It feels like it’ll run down my lips or bleed through my lip line, but it surprisingly doesn’t and remains in place without the sticky feeling that most lip glosses have to have the same effect.

It feels lightweight on my lips, but not so lightweight that I forget that I’m wearing it. This lip oil feels like it sits on top of my lips when I’m wearing it, but when I remove it, there’s proof that it actually sunk into my skin and provides conditioning hours after it’s gone. Since it is an oil, it will transfer when drinking or kissing someone, so you’ll have to bring this with you to be able to stay hydrated from the outside in and to maintain your lip look throughout the day. The only issue this has is when layering matte lipsticks over it. Due to it being an oil, it breaks up any matte formula that tries to dry and adhere to the lips. I know that may seem common sense, but you’d be surprised at the expectations people have with no regard to common sense, so I wanted to make sure I add that I tried it just to clarify and it doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll just have to prep your lips with lip balm because that holds up better with matte formulas.

With consistent use over time, I have noticed that my lips look healthier bare and aren’t as parched as often as they are when I use most other lip products. I can’t speak for the increase of collagen production nor for the plumping effects, but for the wonders this has done for my lips with just the moisturizers and deep-conditioners, I can’t get enough of this product. You can also layer this over a lip product for added shine, but that seems wasteful in my opinion because the oil has to work to penetrate through the lip product beneath it to provide the moisturizing results. It doesn’t react badly over other lip products, like breaking the product down for example, and it is a much lighter route to adding shine to your lip color than traditional lip glosses.

I love that the color gives a light, flushed look to my lips which is perfect for those of us who like to wear a more natural look with their makeup. I know, a makeup artist who doesn’t like to get creative every single day with their application?! It’s actually a lot more common than you think. I still enjoy doing editorial work and getting creative, but I know what works best for my face on a day-to-day basis and keeping it light and natural-looking is my preference. Products like this make that possible for people like me and I’m excited to try the other colors available!



Packaging:                                                ★★★★★/5

I am a sucker for square packaging so this already won points in my book when I took it out of the box. Box-shaped cars, box-shaped makeup, you name it, I love the sleek look of a defined edge to things. Some folks like rounded shapes and some folks like them both, but this box-shaped design resembles simplicity and sophistication. The box itself is shaped like pretty much every other makeup packaging box (duh), but they continued that look with the product inside. The mirrored top is so sleek and elegant, while the bottom is clear, making it easier to pick out what color I want to use without having to open a million other products first. The suspended cylinder inside adds a delicate feel to it which wraps this entire product up as an irresistible purchase.

The product sticker on the bottom adheres well without needing to be constantly reapplied like many other product stickers tend to do. Then, they put a soft-tipped wand applicator inside to make for quick, gentle, and precise applications that save their consumers time. The ‘click’ from opening and closing this also provides a bit of reassurance that this isn’t going to open up and spill in my bag.

Price:                                                          ★★★★★/5

Since I can’t recall the last time I tried a lip oil treatment, my expectations were pretty low, so I didn’t have a gauge on what a reasonable price would be for a good lip oil. I don’t need much product for each application, which in turn makes the product last longer than most oils do for me, I think the price is pretty fair. For something I forsee myself adding to my daily routine permanently, the tag on these is decent, but obviously would be better if it was cheaper. After doing a bit of research on the ingredients and assuming the costs of formulating and packaging them to work together as well as they do, I can understand why the price is what it is, and you know that they say, “Quality over quantity.”






  • INTENSELY moisturizing
  • Long-lasting conditioning benefits
  • Can be worn alone or layered under/over other lip formulas
  • Faint scent
  • Soft wand applicator
  • Sleek packaging
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Clear bottom for easy color identification
  • Natural-looking tint of color
  • Lightweight
  • Not sticky like most shiny lip products
  • Shines like a gloss without the weight


  • None, I love this stuff!

Texture:                                       Oil

Scent:                                           Oil

Recommend?                             Yes

Repurchase?                               Yes

Retail:                                           $22.22

Size:                                              0.15 oz.


Want to try this for yourself?

I’d love to hear about your experience with this in the comments!! 😊

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