Sephora Collection – Moonshadow Baked Palette (In the Nude)


TopOnline Description:

What it is: A palette with a range of ten baked eye shadows in nude colors, each with a super sparkly finish.

What it does: This gorgeous collection of glittery baked eye shadows includes ten sultry nude shades. Each delivers a cosmic amount of diamond dust shimmer. The compact features beautiful gold-laced artwork.

What else you need to know: Each formula features high payoff pigments and textures that blend easily. Its micro glitter adheres to the skin better than regular sized glitter. Used wet, the dark shades can be used as an eyeliner with an intensified, bolder effect.

My Thoughts:

I think this was my first palette in Sephora’s Moonshadow collection because I tend to steer more towards neutral palettes because they’re more versatile than palettes with bright colors and when I saw this, I couldn’t walk away without bringing it home with me. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Sephora brand products are a reliable choice when you want a product with luxury brand product, but don’t want to pay the luxury brand price.

Sephora products tend to stay close to or are slightly above drugstore prices but with way more quality and I think that’s a huge selling point to help transition people to opt for luxury brand quality. Now, there are a few misses with Sephora products, but mostly hits in my experience and this palette was quickly and easily put into the ‘hits’ group. It is unfortunate that there are only shimmer shadows in this palette, but that doesn’t take away from its quality in my opinion.

Since this palette and any baked eyeshadows are no longer carried by the company, I will list the dupes from their regular Colorful Eyeshadow collection below if applicable to any colors in this palette.

Performance/Wear:                               ★★★★★/5

Whether applied wet or dry, these colors wear amazing! Of course, they’ll have way more intense pigment when applied wet, but I do have to go back over the wet shadow with dry shadow so it doesn’t end up creasing. Both methods of application apply smoothly and gently without leaving any fallout residue. I read a few reviews where people experienced quick fading of the colors throughout the day, but I have never had that happen, regardless of the eyeshadow primer I used them on that day.

What puzzles me is how much kickback these have in the palette when I go to pick up product, but I don’t have a fallout issue with them. They do feel powdery, but more on the airier side than on the gritty dirt side of texture to it. I can genuinely feel the difference between these eyeshadows and regular non-baked eyeshadows. These shadows seem to feel more lightweight on my eyelids than a lot of other eyeshadows and I’m not sure if that’s credit to the formula or manufacturing process, but either way, I dig it.

A few of these can be multi-purpose, depending on the skin tone, and they hold up well on every complexion. I’ve used these on clients with oily, combo, normal, etc. skin and this holds up just the same without ever fading during wear time. A common issue with baked products is when people go to blend the colors on their eyes, the colors just all mesh together and create this muddy, unified color that defeats the purpose of various colors and wastes time, but this also doesn’t fall under that stereotype.

Row #1 in order from left to right:

–          Cream, Light Bronze, Soft Gold, Peach, Taupe


–          Shimmer

–          Super light pink

–          Can double as a face luminizer

–          Looks like No Place Like Home from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection


Light Bronze:

–          Shimmer

–          Rich bronze

–          I love wearing this alone blended into my crease for a subtle, natural look

Light Bronze

Soft Gold:

–          Shimmer

–          Can double as a face luminizer

–          Looks like Romantic Comedy from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection

Soft Gold


–          Shimmer

–          Rose gold

–          Looks like Hippie Girl from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection

–          My favorite color in this palette because I’m biased towards peachy/coral colors

–          Can double as a face luminizer if used sparingly



–          Shimmer

–          Looks more like a purplish-brown than a grayish-brown to me

–          Looks like Choco Excess from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection

–          Great for adding depth or turning a light, daytime look into a sultry, nighttime look


Row #2 in order from left to right:

–          Silver, Deep Brown, Honey Brown, Deep Sienna, Plum


–          Shimmer

–          Looks like Starry Sky from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection

–          Great accent to set liquid eyeliner with to give an extra pop to an eye look

–          Use to line upper lashes to give a denser look to lash line


Deep Brown:

–          Shimmer

–          The name is pretty self-explanatory, and a little goes quite a long way with a color this dark

–          Use to set liquid eyeliner and to add a hint of shimmer

–          Line upper lash line to give denser look to lashes

Deep Brown

Honey Brown:

–          Shimmer

–          Most used dark color in this palette for me because it draws my attention to it and I can’t help but rely on it the most for sultry eye looks

–          Line upper lash line to create a denser look to lashes

Honey Brown

Deep Sienna:

–          Shimmer

–          Dark brown with pink and gold shimmer

–          Happy medium between Honey Brown (lighter) and Deep Brown (darker) while adding some pink/purple hues to the party

–          Line upper lash line to create a denser look to lashes

–          Set brown liquid liner to add a gorgeous pop of shimmer and pigment intensity

Deep Sienna


–          Shimmer

–          Light plum

–          Looks like Carousel from their Colorful Eyeshadow collection

–          This is the only color that doesn’t apply as it looks in the palette. Not saying it is hard to build pigment, because it still pays off just fine, but it does require a little layering, unlike it’s other party members in the palette


Packaging:                                                ★★★★★/5

All of the palettes in this collection are pretty much the same, with just a twist on the top cover to suit the theme of the name of the palette and the names of the shadows used. The floral design used on this palette makes for an elegant, yet simple first impression to the product. Once opened, you’ll find rounded-up eyeshadows, that I am not a fan of because of the messy kickback of product that gets everywhere and a big, beautiful mirror that fits the entire side of the top of the inside. The shape of each eyeshadow creates a lot of waste, both of product and time because the amount of time I waste having to constantly clean up my palette from product dusting everywhere and the product I throw in the trash on the Q-tips I use to clean it up.

The mirror inside makes this a great option for a travel companion and its color variety gives enough options to last your vacation without having to carry around a bunch of different palettes that take up space which will cost more money in luggage and the risk of any of them being damaged by careless TSA workers. Now, before anyone who is a TSA agent reads this and bites my head off, I understand that there are good and bad people in every profession, so obviously I’m not directing that snarky comment to those who do their jobs diligently and professionally. I am referring to the TSA employees that I’ve dealt with EVERY time I have flown anywhere that I witness man-handle my bags and toss them around like they’re made of pillows. The clasp is very sturdy, along with its bulkier-than-necessary shape, which gives me piece of mind wherever I take this, whether it be to the gym or on a trip.

Price:                                                          ★★★★★/5

I can’t recall the exact price of this palette when it was still available, but I know it was still a steal for what I paid. With the sturdy packaging, mirror inside, and how long each shadow lasts, this is a great palette to rely on for various natural looks.


–          Great color selection

–          Very pigmented

–          Gentle on the skin

–          Blends easily

–          Doesn’t fade

–          No fallout

–          No scent

–          Multi-purpose (some of them)

–          Sturdy packaging

–          Cute packaging design

–          Mirror inside


–          Tons of kickback when picking up product

–          Discontinued

Texture:                                       Pressed powder

Scent:                                           None

Size:                                              10 X 0.017 oz.


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