A Year of Makeup – Day 020

Hey y’all! Welcome back to my next day of my A Year of Makeup challenge!! Today’s look was inspired by a no-makeup look, obviously not including my eyes, but I wanted to keep my face light and fresh. Feel free to check out my look and let me know what you think!

Products used in order:

  • Apply a small dot of Too Faced – Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer to each eyelid and let dry before applying product
  • Using the Too Faced – Eye Shadow Collection (Natural Love):
    • Lace Teddy: Using a fluffy, tapered eyeshadow brush, blend into the area right above the crease.
    • Nudie: Blend into Crease, descending pigment towards the inner eyelid
    • Hot & Bothered: Apply on outer corner of the lid by initially pressing color close to lashline and blending up into the crease and out, to create a ‘V’ shape and using a thin brush, apply tight to lower lash line and softly blend to diminish a hard line
    • Satin Sheets: Apply to the inner corner of the lid by starting with pressing product by the lashline and blending up towards the crease, but not into it
    • Honeymoon: Apply to mid-lid by first pressing close to lashline, and then blending up and towards the inner and outer lid colors, but not blending over them and overpowering them
    • Pink Cheeks: softly blend to highlight brow bone
  • Using the deluxe sample of Laura Mercier – Cream-to-Powder (Nude), I pick up product and apply it with my fingertips and blend it with my damp beautyblender sponge.
  • Just a few coats of my current mascara to follow: Doucce – Maxlash Volumizer Mascara (103 – Black)
  • For my lips, I used Korres – Twist Lipstick (Grace).

And here’s the final look:


Thanks for checking out my post! I’d love to hear about your experience with any of these products in the comments! ♥

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