Doucce – Mineral Matt Lipstick (907 – Ancient Amber)


Online Description:

A pure colour lipstick that glides on effortlessly, giving off a velvety matte finish. The highly saturated texture provides a full-bodied coverage with just one stroke. The lush vivid shades range from neutral to deep tinted hues. The rich colour pigments create dramatic depth with intense payoff. The exceptionally long wear formula keeps your lips hydrated all day, without feathering or fading.

Sophisticated. Elegant. Professional. Classic.

The Mineral Matt Lipstick arrays the lips in a timelessly elegant color with matte texture leaving lips intensely smoothed, plumped and full.

Because its infused with both Vitamin E and SPF 10, it not only gives off an intense color, it also moisturizes superbly for long-lasting seductive lips no one will be able to resist.

Balance out a matte lip with a glowing complexion (think: cream blushes and plenty of moisturizer), for a fresh-faced finish.

My Thoughts:

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a lipstick this much from the first moment I used it. The Colour Pop ones are terrible, but that mainly went downhill after it dried on my lips, this stinks from the first moment I used it. I received this from my Glossybox subscription as a full-size product and I honestly didn’t have the bar set high after the mediocre experience I had with their mascara. Yes, their formula was good, but it was such a nuisance to have to use a fresh spoolie daily because the wand that came in it was awful. The smell isn’t something that I would list as a pro because although it may be nostalgic, the smell of Playdough is disgusting. Yup, that’s what this is; a hardened stick of the gross puddy we all played with as child that rubs off on our lips. Not really, but this is what I would think would be the final product if Playdough made lipsticks. The packaging is pretty much the only thing this product has going for it. In my opinion, the company is better off discontinuing this and reformulating it.

Note: The color is numbered differently online, but this was the name of the color when I received it.

Performance/Wear:                          ★/5

Let me start off by saying, “Do NOT buy this lipstick.” I’ll save you the time from having to read through all the reason why you shouldn’t buy this product and just get straight to the point. Now that you’ve exited that tab from your internet browser, I’ll explain why this is a terrible product. For starters, it is unreasonably difficult to try and apply. I have to apply way more pressure than sensibly necessary because the texture is so stiff that it tugs at my lips. That may seem counterproductive, but friends of mine who also had a Glossybox subscription and got this will agree otherwise. Initially, I went with the intent to apply as much pressure is normally required of my other lipstick formulas that are sensibly gentle on the skin like Tarte, Too Faced, and Marc Jacobs, but this tugged at my lips with no color payoff. Naturally, I tried again, with more pressure and that did the equivalent of a tinted moisturizer. So, after applying it again with more pressure, I finally saw pigment other than my natural lip color and to say that I was better off beforehand is an understatement! This nightmare lipstick dried my lips out as bad as Kat Von D’s and Colour Pop’s lipsticks do! They’re SO bad for the health of anyone’s lips! Not to mention, exfoliating does NOTHING to prevent dry spots and cracks in my lips while wearing a matte lip. Believe it or not, I’ve used enough matte lipsticks to know better by now and apply lip balm underneath it, yet, low and behold, this still destroys my lips. They must have put the minimal amount to legally be able to advertise that they included Vitamin E in this because this makes my lips look like the desert. On the plus side, this doesn’t bleed and does fulfill its matte finish promise. The only reason this hasn’t gone in the trash is I started shaving off a little for each application and mix it with a drop of face oil (usually, Argan Oil), and that works out perfect! Yes, I do cancel out the matte finish doing that, but who cares! I can finally use up this product without it ruining my lips for a week. Plus, I like this color better as a cream lipstick anyways instead of it’s brick-like texture. My face oil trick also works to use this as a cream blush as well! Overall, I will NEVER buy this product and I don’t recommend anyone either.

Skin Swatch

Price:                                                   ★/5

Well, considering the packaging is the best part about this product, I can’t really say I’d recommend anyone spending any money on this. Yes, that may be harsh, but I wouldn’t want anyone to sugarcoat something that I was considering purchasing.

Packaging:                                          ★/5

One of the best packaged lipsticks I have used in a while. The cap is nice, secure, and stays down even through the hustle and bustle inside my purse throughout the day. The reflective coating not only makes for a little mirror when you’re in a hurry, but paired with the structured design, makes this such a sophisticated, yet sensible product to bring along.


  • Chic and sophisticated packaging
  • Doesn’t bleed
  • Matte (as promised)


  • Literally everything besides the packaging
  • Transfers
  • Feathers
  • Does real damage to health of my lips (INCREDIBLY drying)
  • Smells terrible
  • Not much pigment
  • Tugs on my lips when I try to apply
  • Creates/enhances dry features
  • Can double as a cream blush if mixed with a face oil to soften

Texture:                                  Tacky, plastic stick (hard as a rock)

Scent:                                      Playdough

Recommend?                         NO

Repurchase?                           NEVER

Retail:                                     $20.00

Size:                                         0.18 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?


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