Benefit Cosmetics – The POREfessional Face Primer (Original)


Online Description:

What it is:
A professional balm that minimizes the appearance of pores.

What it does:
Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup stay put with this priming phenomenon. The silky and lightweight formula can be worn under makeup to create a smoother-than-smooth canvas or used throughout the day to mattify shine and touch up problem areas. It’s so translucent, no one will know you’re wearing anything!

What else you need to know:
The oil-free formula contains vitamin E, which is known to protect skin from free radicals.

Suggested Usage:
-To prime in the morning, apply a thin layer to moisturized skin from the center of the face outward. Wait a few seconds and apply makeup as usual or wear alone.
-To touch up over makeup, pat delicately on problem areas and blend. A little goes a long way.
-To smooth and brighten, layer the over “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer (sold separately).
– To help foundation stay put, always start with the POREfessional. Then blend Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (sold separately) from the center of the face, out.
-To spot-conceal, apply the POREfessional over blemishes, then blend Boi-ing (sold separately) on top.
– For a photo-ready look, prime face with the POREfessional to minimize the look of pores and mattify skin. Apply your favorite Benefit makeup products, and then reapply the POREfessional.

-Please read the ingredient list on the packaging of your product to be sure that the ingredients are appropriate for your personal use.

My Thoughts:

I seriously LOVE this stuff!!! This works on any client I’ve had that has either oily skin, large pores, or uneven texture. This ties with the Hourglass – Mineral Veil Primer for favorite primers. They work pretty much the same and only differ in scent and price mostly. From it’s velvety texture to its awesome wear-ability, this is by far my favorite face primer. Normally, I don’t use a primer for my daytime looks because I use the It Cosmetics – CC+ Cream which also works as a primer, but this is my Holy Grail for date nights and any other nighttime look. This works well on any complexion and skin tone because of its thin, velvety texture without any actual pigment to it. Now, there is initial pigment when it’s dispensed, but it seems to blend into any skin tone I use it on. It doesn’t cause an ashy layer for those blessed with more pigment than I, nor does it make us pale folk even paler or add extra pigment. If I could recommend any primer to anyone, it would be this. For the price and quality, this is the winner hands down. The smell isn’t a deal breaker and to be honest, I actually like it. It’s perfumed, yet smells clean, but isn’t potent. It fades almost instantly after I apply and it has yet to cause any kind of negative reaction on me or any of my clients. Saying that, I still suggest you get a sample from Sephora and test it on your arm before you apply it to your face. Better safe than sorry in every scenario. Fun tidbit, this also works on any part of the skin you need to cover up for any occasion. For example, I had a couple brides that needed a few tattoos covered for their bridal pictures (reasons were their own), and this worked like a charm with the Kat Von D – Lock-It Foundation (Light – 46).

Performance/Wear:                          ★/5

Large pores? Uneven texture? THIS is the primer for the job! Now, when I say uneven texture, I mean scarring from acne for example, NOT open skin (aka scabs). This will not do much for acne that’s been picked at or popped on its own and leaves a scab. I know how frustrating that is as much as the next person who suffers from acne, but this can only do so much. Large pores and oily skin are no match for this bad boy! I have enlarged pores under my eyes/beside my nose and this not only ‘smoothes’ them, but also makes them almost non-existent. I personally have dry skin, so my knowledge on this working on oily skin is based on clients I’ve worked on. From brides that need touch-ups all day to models that require touch-ups between wardrobe changes on the runway, this holds up under a lot of lighting and heavy clothing. I have yet to have any complaints from clients on their experience and my personal experience has been nothing but great. This holds up foundation all day without creating blotchiness or uneven patches. The feel of it is so velvety and rich which makes me love it more every time I use it. Application is a cinch and this works on multiple formulas without any issues. I have yet to find a primer that works better than this or the Hourglass one on overall quality, wear-ability, and application.

Price:                                                   ★/5

Yes, I know that price seems steep, but hear me out.  This product has yet to be beaten out at overall awesomeness by any other primer. Since you only need a little bit for each application, this product lasts a long time making it way worth the cost. I know it seems more worthwhile to get something cheaper and then just replenish later, but when you start to see signs of aging, you learn that quality over quantity is far more important in the long run. This product will help your skin for the long haul and the price will save you as well. It’s worth it and the only way you’ll really believe me is if you stop by your nearest Sephora and get a sample to find out for yourself.

Packaging:                                          ★/5

The squeeze-tubes aren’t my cup of tea. I am one of the many people who have hand and wrist pain on a daily basis and squeezing out products aren’t helpful in that aspect. So, when they make this with pump-packaging, they’ll get 5 stars, until then, the packaging gets a 2




  • Best primer EVER
  • No overpowering scent
  • Product lasts a long time due to minimal quantity needed for each application
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Shrinks pores
  • Makeup wears well and doesn’t break up with this
  • Adorable design
  • Velvety texture
  • Works on any complexion


  • Squeeze tube packaging

Texture:                                  Cream

Scent:                                      Perfumed and clean, but light and dissipates quickly

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           Of course!

Retail:                                     $49.00

Size:                                         1.5 oz.


Want to try this out for yourself?

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