Redken – Diamond Oil: Shatterproof Shine (Intense)

Online Description:

A concentrated, silicone-free leave-in hair oil treatment to repair damaged hair that penetrates each level of the hair fiber to nourish, strengthen and reinforce strands from the inside out. Leaves hair 3x stronger* and with 2x more shine**. For coarse hair.


Nourishes, strengthens and reinforces hair strands from the inside out

Seals, coats and smooths the hair’s cuticle to boost shine and protect from damage due to friction from brushing and styling

Restores and locks in moisture for a smooth, frizz controlled look with shine.

Features a dropper for precise, no-waste dosages



Less is more. You can always add additional drops if needed.

Warm oil in hands before applying to hair.

Apply 2-3 drops to mid-lengths and ends. Avoid your roots.


Pre-Shampoo on Dry Scalp: Apply to dry hair and/or scalp. Wait 2-3 minutes and shampoo thoroughly with Diamond Oil Shampoo.

Overnight Treatment: Apply to damp or dry hair prior to bedtime.

Added to Mask or Conditioner: Blend with mask or Diamond Oil Conditioner and leave on damp hair for 5-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Pre-Blow Dry: Apply to towel-dried hair prior to applying styling products. Apply at driest areas of the hair first.

On Dry Hair: Apply to dry hair starting at the frizziest, most distressed areas first, then work remainder of product through the hair. Reapply as needed.

On Dry skin: Apply oil on hands and scalp as needed to reduce dry skin.


My Thoughts:


I initially liked this product & for the life of me, I can’t remember why because when I repurchased it, I just became annoyed by how gross it is. The dropper is constantly falling off into the bottle, it’s incredibly greasy and never feels like it absorbs into my hair, and the smell grosses me out. The oil in so heavy and greasy that it feels like it just sits on my hair. I’ve had the same bottle sitting around for over a year now, because I dread using it but I know I need to if I ever want to get rid of it. I recently started using it as part of a deep conditioning treatments for my dollheads because it doesn’t really matter if they get greasy, plus, it helps considering how much thermal and chemical damage those things take. The bottle is a bust because the tear dropper doesn’t work and if you lose or toss the box and info packet that it came with, you’re plain out of luck because Ulta won’t let you return it. I also wouldn’t recommend using this on your skin or nails as suggested by the company. With nails, it just sits on top and for skin, it just clogs pores and caused breakouts. I’m glad they discontinued this product because it is just doodoo. I will probably be stuck with this another year before I finally used up on my dollheads.

Texture:                                  Oil

Scent:                                      Chemical

Size:                                         3.4 fl. Oz.

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