Stila – Eye Shadow Set (Ventura Blvd)

My Thoughts:

Stila is definitely on my list of favorite makeup brands and this eyeshadow palette is no exception. I snagged this bad boy on the display maze by the cash wrap at Sephora and it was on sale, and looking back it was probably because they were discontinuing it. When I first started using luxury brand makeup, this was one of the palettes I invested in and its simple combination of colors makes it a great, go-to palette for daily looks. Transitioning from drugstore to high-end didn’t happen overnight and I needed to invest in natural-looking makeup to be able to practice daily and still look presentable for work and school. This palette was my daily go-to for natural looks and I still reach for it on those days I have little time to do my makeup. With a light application, this creates a gorgeous, natural eye look and if you pack a bit more on of Café Noir, I get a bolder look for the nighttime. These shadows blend so well and I love that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. The small size of this palette makes it perfect for traveling. I think I only paid $8 for this and for the size of each shadow, that’s quite the steal! That’s how Sephora gets you, though! They stock the waiting line by the cash wrap full of little goodies that you snag while you’re bored waiting in line and next thing you know, you love it, but it’s discontinued! ☹

Goldfish: Ivory with shimmer

Meadow: Olive green with silver shimmer

Café Noir: Plum with gold shimmer

Texture:                                  Pressed powders

Scent:                                      None

Size:                                         0.32 oz.

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