Borghese – fango ESSENZIALI Sheet Mask (Moisturize)

Online Description:

Busy? How about a drink? Thirsty, parched skin is refreshed and renewed with Fango Essenziali’s Moisturize sheet mask. A special cocktail of skin soothing ingredients- avocado, kelp and acai berry to hydrate, nourish and restore even the driest, most sensitive skin. Cheers! Your new best friend. Perfect to use alone or in between mud treatments. A remedy for parched, dry skin. Helps nourish and deeply moisturize. • Avocado nourishes and conditions skin for the perfect youthful glow. • Kelp extract aids in skin regeneration &rejuvenation. • Acai berry, a powerful antioxidant, has invigorating properties that are ideal for tired skin.


CLEAN: Cleanse the skin PREP: Remove the white protective film from the mask APPLY: Place the mask on your face. Remove the clear film. RELAX: Leave on 5 min (or up to 25 min for additional enjoyment) WOW: Remove the mask and pat down any excess serum into your face for maximum benefits. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES


My Thoughts:

This mask does EXACTLY as it promised! The cut-out areas are a bit of a nuisance only because it seems to be shaped for people with big lips, which I obviously do not have, resulting in this weird folding over I have to do to get it to fit better. The chin and nose parts don’t stay down, but that wasn’t a deal breaker because most masks do the same thing. I received this in a Glossybox awhile back and after my experience with the fango Delicato mask, I was pretty excited to try this bad boy out and it sure didn’t let me down! I used this after a day of bike riding along the beach which was perfect to use this for since my skin got more sun damage than normal, the environmental pollution, and the microscopic tears from the sand in the wind on my face. I did that on purpose to really test out the promises the product mentions. I left it on for the maximum 25 minutes and afterwards, my skin felt SO healthy and hydrated. It had an immediate cooling effect that felt amazing on my dry, sensitive skin on top of the fresh, natural scent that made me feel even more relaxed and very spa-like. The mask left no gross feeling of residual product after I massaged the excess into my skin and the results lasted for a couple days.

Texture:                                  Gel/Serum

Scent:                                      Cucumber and aloe vera

Recommend?                         Yes, if it was still available

Repurchase?                           I would, but it’s discontinued.

Retail:                                     $7.00

Size:                                         1 sheet

Want to get your hands on this?

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