REN – Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

Online Description:

What it is:
A fine mist that instantly forms an invisible protective, breathable barrier to shield skin from the aging effects of pollution.

If you want to know more…
This facial mist helps to support the skin’s natural defenses against oxidative stress caused by polutants. It diminishes the appearance of dullness and combats signs of fatigue on the skin. UV light and environmental pollutants including cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and heavy metals generate free radicals that induce oxidative damage and put skin cells in a state of stress. Asphyxiated and intoxicated, the skin loses its radiance and the urban grey complexion sets in. Regular use of this mist helps to reduce the appearance of premature ageing caused by environmental pollution.

What else you need to know:
This product is also free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and dyes, petrochemicals, and GMOs. It is cruelty-free and noncomedogenic. It is safe for hair and acts as a great setting spray for makeup.

Research results:
In an in-vitro test on skin cells against Oxidative Stress, Environmental Stress (Heavy Metals), and inflammatory stress Flash Defence was shown to provide:
-Instant protection from all major urban pollutants
-Total protection from pollution


My Thoughts:

This product is pure garbage. First of all, it doesn’t spray evenly and reminds me of that friend we all had growing up that had a lisp so bad that they couldn’t help but spit when they talk. The drying time wasn’t impressive either. When I first tried this, it smelled so foul that it reminded me of dirty rain water on the street a day after raining. There is just so many different chemical scents in it that it just made me nauseous. The best way to describe the smell is pollution in a bottle and that alone is a deal breaker. Even if the smell wasn’t such an issue, the quality is beyond terrible. I noticed no difference in any kind of protection from environmental aggressors against my skin. Luckily, it didn’t cause an allergic/negative reaction to my skin or cause me to break out. The worst part about the smell is id didn’t dissipate at any point throughout the day. I would spray this before I’d go outside and walk my dog and the smell seemed to intensify when I’d sweat. On the plus side, the packaging is reuseable so I can repurpose it to make any other liquid product I own travel size. Honestly, the product just seems like the company packaged dirty water and is selling it to those either loyal to the brand or in desperate need for results to try anything. Being someone who’s been suckered into scenarios like that because of my adult acne, it angers me when I see it happening to others. Save your money and try the AMOREPACIFIC – Resort Collection Sun Protection Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen instead.

Texture:                                  Liquid

Scent:                                      Dirty Water

Recommend?                         No

Repurchase?                           No

Retail:                                     $38.00

Size:                                         2.02 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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