Decléor – Aromessence Néroli (Hydrating Oil Serum)

Online Description:

Award Winning AROMESSENCE™ Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum is 100% natural, pure and active. Formulated with the highest quality essential oils to comfort and treat skin exposed to daily stress. Because of its natural affinity with the skin, it:

  • penetrates upon application to soothe and relax the skin
  • provides immediate comfort, balance and radiance
  • reinforces the moisturizing properties of Hydra Floral 24HR Moisture Activator Cream and multiplies its effectiveness.Increases hydration by 63% when used together.

Proven Effectiveness!

DNA studies prove Neroli Essential Oil’s ability to provide 24hr hydration within the skin:

  • +13% moisturizing effect even after 24hrs.
  • +17% hyaluronic acid in the dermis, which keeps skin hydrated

Improves Skin Radiance & Texture:

  • Refines skin texture: +29% improvement in the quality of skin texture
  • Restores radiance: +27% improvement in radiance of the complexion

AROMESSENCE™ Neroli is the quickest and most direct beauty routine available to leave skin visibly hydrated, supple, smoothe, soft and glowing with radiance.

This serum of Neroli, Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Sage, Parsley and Juniper Berry Essential Oils, with a fine and silky texture, is specially formulated for the care of skin exposed to daily stress. Result: The skin feels softer and radiant.


  • Warm 2 drops of Aromessence Néroli sérum-huile hydratant between the palms of your hands
  • Enjoy the delicate fragrances of the essential oils.
  • Apply to your cleansed face and neck using light smoothing strokes.
  • Then apply soft and firm pressure to the key energy points on your face, tracing out the shape of a figure 2.


My Thoughts:

So my scent description may be offensive to some and for that, I apologize, but  think we can all agree on that eidetic scent from our childhood that we tie to our grandmother and how she smelled. Some people, it triggers a positive, nostalgic response and others, like me, it is the opposite, causing a negative, retractive response. It’s really just a preference for some people so the scent of this may be the cup of tea for certain folks. The texture of this feels incredibly greasy and never seems to absorb into my skin. I’ll touch my face periodically to check and see how my skin has reacted to the product and it seems to only sit on the skin as well as smell terrible. The packaging for this sample that I got in my Glossybox subscription wasn’t well thought out, either. It has a screw top with an opening that gives no control to how many drops I wanted to dispense at a time causing product to ambush out once an air bubble got in there. Normally, I’m disappointed when Glossybox sends samples this small, but I wasn’t in this instance. I was better off because it was less product wasted when I tossed it out. This made me break out quite a bit because it never let my skin breathe when I tried it out due to it never absorbing into my skin. On the upside, the vial it came in seems sturdy enough to repurpose for a perfume to take with me and I can just use my finger to dab on product. The overall packaging was nice because it gave off a very elegant, professional impression, but the product didn’t hold up to the expectation that the packaging gave off. Thumbs down, my friends.

Texture:                                  Oil

Scent:                                      Old Lady

Recommend?                         No

Repurchase?                           No

Retail:                                     $73.00

Size:                                         0.5 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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