Aromafloria – For Feet’s Sake (Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter)

Online Description:

For Feet’s Sake Intense Spa Foot Butter softens and moisturizes. The Shea Butter works to replenish dry and cracked skin; Vitamin E is an all-weather moisturizer and works to prevent (and replenish) dry feet and cracked heels. Tea Tree & Mint soothes the skin leaving your feet feeling fresh and clean! Great for home pedicure use.

Arnica —Works to relieve fatigue and soothe sore, tired feet. Arnica is also an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and an antiseptic agent. Arnica is also used for relief of pain and inflammation.
Mint—Works to deodorize, soothe and refresh the feet. Mint leaves your feet saying, “Ahhhhh!”
Tea Tree—Works as an antiseptic; also an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent. Tea Tree Oil keeps your feet clear of redness and swelling.


Apply Intense Repair Foot Butter to feet and legs while massaging with a circular motion for 2-3 minutes every night before bed time. You will feel and see the difference at once.


My Thoughts:

I know it says that there’s tea tree oil and peppermint in it, but I only smell the invigorating peppermint & trust me, I’m not complaining! It’s incredibly light and fresh without letting the scent distract from all the other great qualities about it. It’s very moisturizing without being greasy like most foot creams tend to be. I prefer to use this at night after I shower before I go to bed and put some socks on over it, which give me soft and healthy feet that stay looking freshly pedicured all day. My skin is pretty dry so for this to have that kind of long-term moisturizing power without being greasy is very impressive to me. I have a few cracks and calluses on my feet from being on my feet almost all day every day and this makes my feet look like I’m a career vacationer! This little tube of wonder fixes my unflattering feet and makes me not self conscious about wearing heels or sandals and the smells lasts all day without becoming overpowering at all. It absorbs pretty quickly and gives me consistent softness all day unlike most other foot creams that either dry out a couple hours after application or start to smell odd mixing with my foot sweat (tmi?) It fades evenly which I was also pleasantly surprised by because there’s nothing more annoying than having to reapply touch ups or dealing with areas drier than others because products don’t last. With consistent use, I actually need less and less with each use which helped save not only my feet but my wallet in extending the use out of this tube I got from Glossybox until I have to purchase the full size tube. I honestly can’t rave enough about this product, I truly do love it! My only issue with it is it’s packaging. Tubes aren’t exactly convenient to use for those of us with hand and wrist pain, but I don’t know if this product would last as long in a jar because it might dry out faster. Are you still reading this review? WHAT?! You need to go get yourself a tube of this ASAP!

Texture:                                  Thick, rich cream

Scent:                                      Light mint scent

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           Yes

Retail:                                     $13.00

Size:                                         4 oz.


Want to get your hands on this?

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