ColourPop Cosmetics – Ultra Matte Lip (Airplane Mode)

Online Description:

This thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment with a bold, ultra-matte look. It is very long-wearing and 100% kiss-proof AKA no transferring!


Step One – Start with bare, dry lips! Prime your lips with our Lippie Primer for smoother application and more comfortable wear!

Step Two – Line your lips with a matching Lippie Pencil; this will help you achieve the perfect finished look and give the appearance of fuller lips.

Step Three – Apply your Ultra Matte Lip in a thin layer for best wear.

– Exfoliate your lips for smoothest application.
– If you’d like, you can apply your favorite Ultra Glossy Lip as a topper!


My Thoughts:

I can’t be the only one who hates these, right? I wanted to love this so bad because of all the hype about this brand I see on all social media platforms, but alas, I didn’t. I received 2 of these full-size lip products from Glossybox, the other color was Tuesday. This was such a letdown because of its terrible quality in their formulas. Yes, these apply fairly easily compared to other liquid lipsticks, but wait until they dry and see if they’re still great. Nope. That’s a negative, sir. After I waited for the product to dry on my lips, I tried rubbing it with my finger to test its smearing durability and to say the least, this product sticks. Every time my lips would touch, either the product from the top or bottom lip would rip product from the other leaving my lips looking like I was trying to make the most of a lip sample that I applied last week. Ugh, and have I mentioned how painfully drying it is on my lips?! This stuff is a nightmare, especially for those of us with dry, sensitive skin. This product goes way passed the Sahara Desert look most matte products cause and straight into hell’s kitchen. This dried my lips out so bad and was incredibly painful trying to remove because it adhered so well to my lips. It took days to get my lips looking healthy again after wearing this and I even tried wearing lip balm under it another time with the only difference is a blotchy application. I expected way more from a brand carried at Sephora. On the up side, it has an easy open tube which is great for those of us with hand and wrist pain, and it doesn’t have a potent odor to it. It also has incredible pigment power behind it and it doesn’t bleed (obviously, since it was a pain to remove). This is the perfect nude, pinkish-brown that looks great on any skin tone. I’m hoping they change their formula soon, but until then, I’ll pass.

Texture:                                  Cream

Scent:                                      Crayons

Recommend?                         No

Repurchase?                           No

Retail:                                     $6.00

Size:                                         0.11 oz.



Want to get your hands on this?

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