Schwarzkopf Professional – BC SMOOTH PERFECT Smoothing Cream

Online Description:

BC Bonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing cream is a smoothing cream with heat protection.The Amino Smoothing Agent is a highly efficient amino compound formulated to deeply nourish and manage coarse, thick and frizzy hair long-term. This technology protects the hair from styling heat and humidity, so the hair is de-frizzed, smoother and visibly shinier. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Smooth Perfect Smoothing cream provides up to 4 days of anti-humidity & anti-frizz effect with shine and lasting discipline.


  • Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair and work through
  • Leave in
  • Blow-dry or style as desired
  • Suitable for daily use


My Thoughts:

Overall, this is a really good product. The scent is of your typical hair product smell and isn’t overpowering. They aren’t kidding when they recommend a small amount, either! I used extra product just to see the difference and it was terrible. Excess product just made my hair look greasy when it dried and a bit crunchy to the touch. For my dense, long hair, I part my hair down the middle and use about a half dollar sized amount on each side, comb through to make sure it’s evenly distributed from mid-lengths to ends, then braid each side and let my hair air dry. What I love most about this product is it works without needing hot tools. For the days that I don’t want to use hot tools on my hair and just let my waves be, I use this and Boom! My frizz is gone, my hair is soft and silky, and it’s manageable without a brush in case I want to go form my hair down to wearing it up. When used with a flat iron, it cuts my styling time down A LOT and keeps my hair straight for a few days (and skipping washing it, of course). I don’t recommend this with a curling wand because initially my curls were soft and silky, but within an hour of doing my hair, the curls fell flat. Since I don’t use hot tools on a regular basis, I will easily add this into my hair routine from now on.

Texture:                                  Thick cream

Scent:                                      Hair product

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           You bet!

Retail:                                     $21.00

Size:                                         4.25 oz.


Want to get your hands on this?

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