Charlotte Ronson – Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer (Shoshanna)

-This product is currently discontinued.-

My Thoughts:

Overall, this isn’t the worst product I’ve used, but it also isn’t the best. I got this when I was 1st practicing contouring and thought this was a great deal to get all three products in one palette. I appreciate Charlotte Ronson calling the luminizer by its correct product name, unlike most other companies that call their luminizers ‘highlighters.’ The bronzer is the worst of this palette because it is just SO ORANGE! It looks terrible as a bronzer on any complexion, so instead, I use it as a transition color for some eye looks. Waste not, want not, am I right? The blush is SUPER pigmented so easy does it when picking it up with your brush or you’ll look like an over-painted porcelain doll with those bright cheeks. The color is perfect for the spring and summer seasons because of its brighter shade. The luminizer is decent, but works best with darker skin tones and to my surprise, it doesn’t cause an ashy or dusty look. All of these powders blend really well and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I like that the company included a mirror in the case and work perfect for traveling since you also get a trio of face powders in it. The packaging is modern and chic and it doesn’t seem like they tried too hard with the packaging. The clip to close the case is a huge plus because it’s super easy to open (arthritis friendly), yet always stays shut in my bag/kit.

BLUSH:            Coral Pink with shimmer

BRONZER:       Oompa Loompa orange, matte

LUMINIZER:     White with shimmer

Texture:                                  Pressed powder

Scent:                                      None

Size:                                         3 x 0.29 oz.


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