Carven – Le Parfum

Online Description:

Simplicity, freshness, and charm are expressed through this couture scent. A burst of spontaneity and gracefulness are carried by neroli, mandarin blossom, and the delicacy of white hyacinth. This lighthearted floral bouquet is built around a hint of jasmine and ylang ylang, and touched by a whiff of sweet pea. White sandalwood and a precious wood harmony create lingering impression of rare purity.

Neroli, Mandarin Blossom, White Hyacinth, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Pea, White Sandalwood, Precious Wood Harmony.
Simple. Fresh. Charming.


My Thoughts:

Obviously this product smells like perfume, but it doesn’t have any direct floral, sweet, etc. scents that stand out to me. It reminds me of a special date night where you both get dressed up in formal wear for dinner that you’ve had reservations for months in advance and go watch a play after. I love that the top twists off because I’ve lost track of the number of products that have been wasted because the pop-top came off in my bag and leaked everywhere. It has such a luxurious smell to it but it’s one I’d only recommend for special occasions. Since it is easy to overdo it, I recommend only starting with a dab behind each ear and go from there to your desired potency.

Recommend?                         Sure

Repurchase?                           Probably not

Retail:                                     $88.00

Size:                                         1.66 oz.


Want to get your hands on this?

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