EB5 – Exfoliating AHA Cleansing Lotion

Online Description:

Cleanse and exfoliate daily with our AHA Cleansing Lotion. Non-irritating and highly moisturizing – the best way to clean your skin

Our Cleansing Lotion contains Oat Proteins and Vitamins E and B5 to nourish and moisturize, while the Lactic Acid (AHA) gently and subtly exfoliates your skin

– Non-drying
– Lotion consistency with active cleansing agents
– Daily Exfoliation
– Soothing and Moisturizing



Use a dime sized amount on a wet face and work product in small circular motions on your face. Rinse with luke warm water, dry face, and continue with skincare regimen.


My Thoughts:

No, just no. Thankfully this sample wasn’t very big because this is something I’d be upset about if I wasted money buying a full size. This product wasn’t soothing or moisturizing and left my skin feeling so dry and stripped that it started to hurt. My skin sucked up my following products in my regimen because it was so dried out and caused a minor peeling reaction for the week that I used it. Now, some of you might say, “Why would you keep using it if it was that bad?” and my response would be simply because I don’t believe first impressions are concrete. I wanted to give this product the benefit of the doubt and knowing the sample wouldn’t last long, I figured that I could stick it out. The reaction wasn’t so bad that my face started burning or melting off, it was just tight, dry, and painful/uncomfortable. The feeling went away after I started applying my other products because they would hydrate my skin in some way. The only type of skin type I could imagine this working for would be oily skin, other than that, I’d stay away.

Texture:                                  Cream

Scent:                                      Chemical smell

Recommend?                         No

Repurchase?                           Nope

Retail:                                     $10.00

Size:                                         6 fl. Oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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