Chuda – Healing Hydrating Cream

Online Description:

A first-ever formula rooted in the centuries-old, skin-healing Remedea Compound™ and boosted by the most scientifically advanced, medical grade actives, Chuda™ Healing Hydrating Cream deeply hydrates and rapidly heals dry, damaged and compromised skin. The highly active, fast-acting formula:

  • Delivers a concentrated cocktail of nutrients to help stimulate skin healing
  • Attracts and binds substantial moisture to skin for immediate, intense, long lasting hydration
  • Helps soothe and calm skin that’s been compromised, including redness and irritation associated with sunburn or non-invasive cosmetic procedures
  • Ideal for all skin types, including highly sensitive

Mornings and evenings, warm a pea-size amount of Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream between fingers and apply all over the face, including the under eyes, neck and décolleté. Can be applied directly to clean skin or layered as the finishing step in your skincare routine. Additionally, use to spot-treat areas on the face or body experiencing extreme dryness or redness associated with sunburn or a non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

My Thoughts:

As far as face moisturizers go, this wouldn’t be my first pick. My skin did feel nice the next morning, but it wasn’t worth the heavy suffocating feeling my skin had when I went to bed. It is INCREDIBLY heavy and doesn’t absorb easily or quickly and that’s saying a lot because I have dry and dehydrated skin that normally soaks product up and is still left dry. Luckily, there was no strong scent to it, but it was just too heavy for me to like it. It came in a pretty small sample size, but still took me about a month to get through it because of how thick it is and you don’t need a lot for application. With my overall experience, I can’t say that I can vouch for this product.

Texture:                                 Cream

Scent:                                      None

Recommend?                         No

Repurchase?                           No

Retail:                                     $150.00

Size:                                         1.7 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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