De Bruyère – After Sun Lotion Monoï

Online Description:

Enriched in Monï ( Tiaré flower in coconut oil) of French Polynesia and in a natural moisturizer and restructuring complex, this after-sun spray/milk calms, nourishes and protects the skin weakened after a sun exposure. Revitalised and hydrated, your skin gets all its comfort back. Easy of application, its light and non-greasy formula leaves on your skin an addictive smell of monoï . Made in France. E Vitamin to protect from pollution and UV. ZERO Paraben-Silicone-Mineral oil


My Thoughts:

Oh MY GOSSSHHHHH!!! YUM! I LOVE the smell of tanning lotion; Real Life: I’m addicted to tanning lotion. I’m really not, but I do love the smell of it. Now this review is not based on its true purpose: to enhance and prolong a natural tan. I live by my sunscreens. I apply that product religiously because I’ve seen and felt the dangers of not protecting your skin and with that, I’ve embraced the pale. This product is true to its milky natural which makes it very easy to apply, and I’m thinking that could only feel ideal for someone who is applying this over a sunburn. With that, it doesn’t tug on the skin when applying, dries quickly and the scent isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t fade. I only used this product after a hike, but again, I had no sun damage to my skin because of my avid use of sunblock. Basically, I used it like any other body moisturizer after I got out of the shower. Its moisture levels were perfect because my skin felt hydrated, but not suffocated by a thick layer of oils. The packaging is adorable and luckily for someone who lives in Southern California, this product is beneficial all year long since it’s basically summer all year. The size sent was also ideal because it’s small enough to take with me if I needed to reapply but also large enough for a product designed for use on the whole body to try it out a few times to get a genuine feel for its efficiency. Easy to understand, easy to use, and an overall great product.

Texture:                                  Milky/ Very runny

Scent:                                      coconut and self-tanner scent

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           If for me, I’d buy it only for days I go out to the beach and want my skin to smell like my atmosphere. If for a gift, I’d get for someone I knew was an avid beach-goer or just loved soaking up the sun

Retail:                                     €11.00

Size:                                         50 ml

Want to get your hands on this?

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