Glossybox – August 2016

Oh….my.….GOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!! So let me start off by saying that I LOVE what they did with their information cards for the products! They’re so sophisticated with the entire presentation in the boxes and with the products, but they really stepped up their game! They turned the folded packet into this nice, chic brochure with a better feel for the company and what it represents with the companies they partner with. There was another coupon code for the hello fresh (that makes 3 total because I accidentally ordered an extra July one) and the cause from my disappointment with that is because the code only works for new customers so I’m getting these and can’t use more than 1. Overall, I was stoked to get these products because they’re perfect for the season and they’re all great quality. I can’t wait to try these out and do reviews on them to share with y’all how I love them! The Wella oil, I’m already familiar with because that’s the line my school used when I went to school for cosmetology. I’ve religiously used Too Faced products for years and have yet to be let down so I’m excited to try this cool new product they have. The after sun lotion may be an issue for me because I am so pale and my skin burns so easy, I don’t like being in the sun too much because sunblock doesn’t seem to help much. But on a day that I can enjoy the beach for maybe an hour and try this after, I think it may work. Who can get enough lipstick?! Not me! So glad to get another lip product. They always have the perfect blend of products from makeup, skincare, and hair in each box and I’m never disappointed with experiencing what they give me. The one product I’m nervous to try is the hair bands. My hair is fine/normal but it’s DENSE. I have A LOT of hair and I’m curious how well these bands hold up to the task. Providing massages to clients requires me to have my hair pulled back and out of my face and I can’t stress if my hair is going to work its way out of the band or the band break altogether on me so I’ll keep you posted on how that little guy hold up. Did I mention I LOVE the color? I love bright colors and it made me smile to see that adorable bright pink they brought mine in. LOVE it!



In this month’s box:

  • Wella Professionals – Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil




  • Invisibobble – Original (The Traceless Hair Ring)


  • Trifle Cosmetics – Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream (Exotic Fruits)
  • Borghese – Fango Delicato (Active Mud for Delicate Dry Skin)


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