Erno Laszlo – Transphuse Day Serum

Online Description:

Daydream believer. This lightweight, high-powered anti-aging serum is a quick fix for lines, wrinkles and skin that’s lost its bounce. With fast-absorbing plant moisturizers that play the role of dermal fillers and a plant complex that relaxes tense facial muscles, it radically improves skin’s elasticity, fullness and any signs of lines. Skin looks smoother and younger all through the day thanks to:

Acmella Oleracea, a tropical plant extract, to relax contractions in the facial muscles, much like botox, so skin looks instantly smoother.

The natural moisture magnet, glycerin, to attract and hold hydration for a glowing complexion.

Soothing and conditioning avocado oil—which penetrates skin so deeply that it boosts the growth of collagen between skin cells—to help plump skin inside and out.


My Thoughts:

*Note: the sample I received was pretty small (only lasted a few uses) so I used this right after the Firmarine Serum once I was done with it, so I couldn’t tell which product worked better so the reviews will be the same. Sorry in advance if you were hoping for an in-depth review on either. I will update if I repurchase.*

So, I genuinely enjoyed this product. I received this as a sample from a goody bag from Saks 5th Avenue, but unfortunately, it was too small to give much of a thorough review on. There was no overpowering scent but I did notice a difference in the texture of my skin within the first week of using it. The texture has a nice, thin fluidity to it that absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling masked or layered with product. I noticed a smoother texture to my skin with more of a plump to it as well. Don’t fear, it was a good plump, which I’m assuming is from the collagen-intended ingredients.


Texture:                                  Light, thin fluid

Scent:                                      Chemical, but not strong

Recommend?                         Maybe

Repurchase?                           Maybe

Retail:                                     $190.00

Size:                                         1.0 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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