Clinique – Blended Face Powder and Brush (03 – Transparency 3)

Online Description:

What it is:

A blended powder with a loose, lightweight texture that’s perfect for all skin types.

What it does:

Clinique’s signature Blended Face Powder sets and perfects makeup, reduces the appearance of pores, and the airy, skin-hugging formula delivers a reliably flawless finish. Enriched with minerals, it absorbs surface oil, and its sheer, super-fine texture smooths the skin’s appearance, leaving a natural, matte finish.

My Thoughts:

I really love this powder! It works great for setting liquid or cream bases, but also works awesome on its own! It has a lightweight feel to it and doesn’t leave you looking dusty like those horror setting powder photos you can find on Google. Another awesome feature is a little goes a long way but even if you put enough on for full coverage, your skin is still breathable and you don’t end up with the dreaded cake face. It works really well as a correction powder to for many skin complexions because of the yellow hue to it. The main selling factor for me is it works so well with sensitive skin. As I’ve stated before, my skin is dry and sensitive but this powder works so seamlessly and never causes clogged pores or dries out my skin. Some kind of wizarding science is done at the Clinique labs so they create these perfect products that are great for your skin and give you great results for any look. From their face products to the eye products, I have yet to have an issue or be disappointed by Clinique. Oh, oh, oh!!!! Want to know a MUA dream? Having a powder that you can touch up your look without smudging your makeup or messing up your look in any way. You guessed it, this powder does that. I have yet to have an issue touching up my face when I use this product. Nothing smears, smudges, or budges with this puppy!

Texture:                                  Finely grained powder

Scent:                                      Typical makeup smell

Recommend?                         YES!

Repurchase?                           Duh!

Retail:                                     $25.00

Size:                                         1.2 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

13 Comments on “Clinique – Blended Face Powder and Brush (03 – Transparency 3)

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  2. ah this sounds amazing! i’m tempted to try it now too because you’re not the only one who loves it – my sister does too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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