Évolué – Lué by Jean Seo (Clear)

Online Description:

Step 3 of LUE’s Skin Solution Set, CLEAR, a powerful compound which leaves skin smooth, radiant, and clear. Using a special blend of 12 herbs and organic biodynamic alcohol, this tincture is the ultimate spot control for leaving your skin flawless.


My Thoughts:

Talk about a magic wand! I have tried many spot treatments over the years with either no or little results. This has by far been the most successful in its promises for blemishes. I’m sure the product would work more effectively if I used the set it is designed to work with, but I received this item in my Glossybox – June 2016 and it works pretty well on its own. I like the fact that it dries quickly, doesn’t have a strong scent and I see (or should I say, “don’t see”?) results the next morning. I’ve applied it to about 5 blemishes of different sizes since I received it last week, and only one has not completely disappeared overnight. Three were of those painful cystic kind, 2 were average ones that were the reoccurring annoyances that never quite go away, and one was a small one. All but one of the larger ones went away entirely and I am still impressed just thinking about it! I want to pet my face where those planetary blemishes were to bask in the fact that they’re actually gone just like that, but I know that’s a bad idea and the oils on my hands would cause another breakout to occur. Whatever magic they instilled in this wand, I hope never runs out. I love skincare and I enjoy the process of taking care of my skin, but I still enjoy doing other things with my time and not having my skincare regimen feel like a chore and this helps that. You use it when necessary (right when you feel the blemish starting the create the civilization on your face), and it’s not something you have to wait to dry. You hold the wand to the blemish for 30 seconds, you can repeat if necessary and it dries instantly. Now for my trial that I explained, I didn’t repeat the process. Since it was my first time using the product and I wasn’t sure how my skin would react, I wanted to see the effectiveness of just one application. My skin wasn’t dry or flakey in those areas, nor did it irritate my skin or cause a reaction in any way. I will try the repeated steps on that stubborn booger that won’t pack up and hit the road and see if the results change. Best Blemish Treatment goes to……this product!

Texture:                                  Liquid

Scent:                                      Definitely smells like alcohol and witch hazel, but it isn’t overpowering

Recommend?                         You bet!

Repurchase?                           Of course!

Retail:                                     $15.00

Size:                                         0.25 fl. oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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