Sephora Collection – Moonshadow Baked Palette (In the Heat)


Online Description:

What it is:

A gorgeous collection of shimmery, baked eye shadows in summer-inspired shades.

What it does:

Create a variety of summery eye looks with this palette of dry-baked shadows, from soft and sultry, to smoky and sizzling. Finishes range from sheer to intense and look extra-stunning when layered together.


My Thoughts:

Gorgeous color with pretty pigment. I will recommend again that when using this, you also use a white eyeshadow primer so the pigment is more vibrant for your look. These colors are incredibly packed with shimmer and create the most glamorous looks. With the way the company created them, they product glides on like a dream with ease on your eye. The main issue with the palettes in this series is how they’re packaged so close together, which makes it difficult to pick up single color without some of it falling onto another color causing a mix and that it grabs quite a bit when you go to pick up product. This palette was such a steal because it has so many complementary colors that work so well to create many looks for the summer time (if you’re in Southern California like me, that’s basically all year). With the advertising on this, I would say it’s a bit misleading. There is only one color dark enough for a smoky effect. All the other colors create either soft, colorful, or bold. Wet or dry, this palette provides many looks and applies perfectly every time. Sephora never ceases to amaze me with their amazing quality for the budget friendly shopper. 

Texture:                                  Pressed powder

Scent:                                      None

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           In singles, yes.

Size:                                         10 x 0.0.17 oz.

Row 1 (in order from left to right):

  • Bronze
  • Rose
  • Shimmery Apricot
  • Gold
  • Shimmery White

Row 2 (in order from left to right):

  • Champagne
  • Plum
  • Toasted Rose
  • Copper
  • Teal

Want to get your hands on this?

This product is discontinued but these are the closest dupes that Sephora sells as single eyeshadows:

  • Copper Rush (Bronze)
  • Victorian Cottage (Rose)
  • Latergram (Shimmery Apricot)
  • Gold Heart (Gold)
  • Under the Cover (Shimmery White)
  • Fashion Blogger (Champagne)
  • Carousel & Tahitian Pearl (Plum)
  • Cookie Crunch (Toasted Rose)
  • Tropical Queen (Copper)
  • Mermaid Tail & Fingers Crossed (Teal)

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