Sephora Collection – Disney Collection (Storylook Palette Volume 2 – Jasmine)


Online Description:

What it is:

An expansive palette of 15 sultry eye shadows, a blush, and a bronzer, all customized to match the original colors from the beloved film.

What it does:

Adorn yourself with this fantastical collection of fairy tale-inspired formulas for eyes and cheeks. From Jasmine’s tiara and Rajah’s fur, to sunsets, desert sands, and a vibrant magic carpet, each shade has been matched to the film’s original animation. The storybook encasing is decorated with shimmering details and inside a satin tray holds the silky formulas glamorously fit for a Princess.

My Thoughts:

I can’t imagine the amount of royalties Sephora (aka LB) had to pay out to Disney to be able to release the princess lines, but alas, they did it and I think that was the only selling aspect of these. Disney’s name is held on such a pedestal that it seems like there was not a lot of concern put into the quality of these palettes, only just to sell something exclusive to people OBSESSED with Disney and its princesses. I’m not shaming in any way, after all, I think everyone wants to feel like a prince or princess at least once in their life. I didn’t hear many good things about the Cinderella palette quality, only that it sold well because of the idea. Then this palette came out and was almost as popular, but I think people starting catching on to the trick. They do feel like good quality eyeshadows when applying (I didn’t experience any irritation), but they don’t have decent longevity for keeping the look you worked for that day. The shadows crease up no matter what brand/type of eyeshadow primer you use, and I’ve used a few to test the theory. To get any true pigment, not only do you have to use a base eyeshadow primer, then a white based primer, but you also have to pack on the product making your eyes look incredibly wrinkled and aged when looking at it applied within arm’s reach or closer. Not cute. The color variation is beautiful but I was just incredibly disappointed that the quality didn’t come hand in hand with the name and potential. The blush works okay, it’s one I recommend for either medium-dark skin tones or anyone can use it during the fall/winter seasons, just so long as you start with a little and build to your comfort of color. I also noticed that the shadows break up INCREDIBLY easy. I started noticing after a few times initially using it, the product would start lifting off of lower layers of itself and break apart. No, it’s not like I carried this palette on a roller coaster with me, I keep all my products in drawers and trays until I need them for a client. It just started turning to poo on its own which was another disappointment and because it was a seasonal item, there was no return option for me when I tried taking it back to the store. The bronzer looks nice, but I wouldn’t even use it as a bronzer. It has WAY too much shimmer in it to be used for any kind of bronzing or contouring. This could work as a luminizer for darker skin complexions going out for a beach day but that’s really it. The packaging is honestly the best part about this palette. It is set up so gorgeously and elegantly that you don’t even want to open it, but of course, the curiosity wins out and you open it without missing a heartbeat. There are some lightly shimmered shadows, some average shimmer shadows, then only 2 matte shadows, with the blush and bronzer both having shimmer to them.

Texture:                                  Pressed powder

Scent:                                      None

Recommend?                         Nope

Repurchase?                           Unavabilable

Retail:                                     Unavailable

Size:                                         15 x 0.035 oz eye shadow,  0.12 oz blush, 0.14 oz bronzer

Row 1 (in order from left to right):

  • Blue Oasis
  • Trust Me
  • Abu
  • Ali Ababwa
  • Sultana

Row 2 (in order from left to right):

  • Friend Like Me
  • Master
  • Cosmic
  • Cave of Wonders
  • Sand in the Glass

Row 3 (in order from left to right):

  • Lapis
  • Mystical Wonder
  • Rajah
  • Arabian Sunset
  • Bazaar

Row 4 (in order from left to right):

  • Thrilling Chase (Blush)
  • Golden Sands (Bronzer)

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