Lorac – Eye Shadow Palette (Unzipped)


Online Description:

Get Unzipped and unleash your natural beauty with LORAC’S universally flattering nude eye shadow palette. Create unlimited head-turning looks with the mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer for long-lasting color and 10 ultra-rich, shimmering and matte shadows in a super sexy, nude palette. LORAC: Unzipped, Uncensored and Unbelievable!


My Thoughts:

I got this palette at a Sephora a couple years ago which I consider luck because Sephora stopped carrying Lorac products. There are rumors but nothing solidifying the reasons as to why Lorac isn’t available at Sephora so no one knows who’s to blame for the transition. This product is still available in Ulta stores and online. Every color has powerful pigment and staying power. 10 colors in one handy palette give many options for chic, natural, or glamorous looks with the matte and shimmer options. This palette works well on sensitive skin and blends well to achieve your look easier and save the skin on your eye from excess irritation. I think it’s cute that all the colors start with “Un-“, but all in a positive, bold, or neutral perception. It comes with a mirror for emergency touchups, assuming you’d ever need to do one. I’m pretty biased to neutral/natural palettes and this one is a favorite. This palette gives you the ability for an easy transition from a day look to a night look, even if you’re in a pinch for time. Lorac does not sell single shadows to restock if you run out of one before others.

Texture:                                  Pressed powder with a silky feel

Row 1 (left to right: Undercover, Unbelievable, Unattainable, Unconditional, Unbridled):

  • Undercover


  • Unbelievable



  • Unattainable


  • Unconditional


  • Unbridled


Row 2 (left to right: Undiscovered, Unreal, Uncensored, Unspoken, Untamed):

  • Undiscovered


  • Unreal


  • Uncensored


  • Unspoken


  • Untamed


Scent:                                      None

Recommend?                         Yeeeeessssss!!!!!

Repurchase?                           Of course!

Retail:                                     $42.00

Size:                                         0.39 oz (0.039 oz. each)



Want to get your hands on this?

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