Dobner Kosmetik – Eyeshadow (Glossy Mauve)

Online Description:

Unavailable due to discontinuation of the product.


My Thoughts:

This is a really great eyeshadow with great pigmentation when wet and a soft look when applied dry. I favor it more when I apply it dry for a natural look and apply a little bit of it on my crease to achieve that no-makeup look. I received this in a Glossybox but couldn’t manage to find any info on it anywhere. It came with sleek and simple packaging. The shimmer is soft and subtle when dry and more prominent when applied wet. This is a Holy Grail item for me because I normally rock the natural look and this gives me the ability to without feeling like I’m weighing down my eyes with 30 shades of eyeshadow and eyeliners. I was really disappointed to find out there was no way to reobtain this once I am out but all great things come to an end eventually, right? This was just an incredibly short-lived product with good integrity. If I ever find a product like this (I will start searching for one once I run low on this eyeshadow), I will list it below!

Texture:                                  Powder with a silky feel to it

Scent:                                      Makeup

Recommend?                         Unavailable

Repurchase?                           Unavailable

Retail:                                     N/A

Size:                                         0.106 oz.

3 Comments on “Dobner Kosmetik – Eyeshadow (Glossy Mauve)

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