Kat Von D – Lock-It Foundation (Light – 46)

Online Description:

What it is:
A high-pigment foundation for full coverage that leaves a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

What it does:
Kat Von D created this foundation to provide exceptional coverage without compromising a smooth, striking finish. Formulated with 21 percent pigment, this powerful formula was developed with proprietary pigments to match a broad range of skintones with bold, full coverage. The combination of raw materials and the best siliconic elastomers and siliconic esters provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance. Natural polymers absorb oil for a matte, soft finish, and the added emollients provide a velvety texture for perfectly-smooth, hydrated skin.


My Thoughts:

This is by far the best full coverage foundation I’ve tried in my life. It covers every blemish and freckle I have ever used it on. Seriously, amazing stuff. The only downside is that it did settle into my frown lines a bit but that was an easy modification and I just adjusted to using less around that area and buffing it out as much as I could so it didn’t define those lines even further. Other than that, this product is amazeballs! It doesn’t have an overpowering scent, my skin doesn’t break out (surprisingly because again, this magic potion is THICK!), and it blends seamlessly. With it being so thick, I would say you really don’t even need concealer. This product is pretty industrial strength to the point that it covers anything. I even used it to cover love bites on a model for a show I worked at. She didn’t want to lose the gig and I didn’t want the stress for the company running the show. Best application technique I’ve tried with this would be with a Beauty Blender. Brushes leave little streak marks no matter how much you try to blur them out, and your hands are okay for initially distributing the product on your face but it isn’t the best for blending into a flawless look. This is perfect for a special event at night where you’re going to be out for quite a bit and you want your makeup to stay intact for the entirety of the night. I wouldn’t suggest this as a daily foundation because you do run the risk of it affecting your skin and eventually causing breakouts because of its thick consistency.

Texture:                                  holy baby giraffes, this stuff is thick! Thickest foundation I’ve ever come across.

Scent:                                      Typical foundation smell

Recommend?                         Yes

Repurchase?                           Yup

Retail:                                     $35.00

Size:                                         1 oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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