Rituals Cosmetics – Foaming Shower Gel Sensation (T’ai Chi)

Online Description:

Channel your inner balance with this calming, de-stressing body cleansing foam. Seemingly like magic, the unique formula transforms into a rich foam on contact with water. It combines the relaxing fragrance of White Lotus with the nourishing properties of Yi Yi Ren, an ingredient traditionally used in Chinese medicine. Find your inner balance with this unique shower foam today.


Squeeze a small amount of gel onto your hand, massage onto damp skin, wait a few seconds for the formula to completely foam, then lather on. This is a scent with staying power!


 My Thoughts:

I seriously freaking LOVE this stuff!!! A couple years ago, the company sent their “Yogi Flow” scent in full size in a Glossybox and I immediately fell in love! The concept is pretty cool and kind of fun and makes me feel like a kid again when taking a shower and watching the gel turn to foam when dispensed. Being someone who isn’t a big fan of chemical or perfume smells, I really love their scent options in this line. From a holistic standpoint, it is very light and natural but yet lasts all day even after I used unscented body lotion over it. The smaller size is perfect for traveling with your favorite scent and the larger one seems to last a long time.  A little does go a long way with this as long as you lather it up really well on a loofah before using it. Did I mention how soft my skin felt after I got out of the shower? With dry skin, it’s hard to find a body wash that not only leaves my skin feeling clean, smelling fresh, and not drying out my skin but this product did that! Given, I still applied lotion after because there’s no way my skin can survive the day without moisturizer to boost it but the fact that I didn’t come out of the shower feeling like a prune, impressed me that much more about this product. This one is definitely a Holy Grail item and I’m excited to see how I feel about their other scent options!

Texture:                      Gel, then foam

Scent:                          Light and breezy scent of flowers and clean clothes

Recommend?             Oh, did I forget to do that? Of course, I’d recommend!

Repurchase?               Hands down, yes!

Retail:                         $7.50

Size:                             1.6 fl. Oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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