GJarrah – 6002 Titanium Flat Iron 450 Degree 1.5 inch

Online Description:

LED Temperature Display
Work well with Brazilian Keratin. Temperature adjustable from 122 to 450 degree F(50~230 Celsius)
Ionic-Volcano & Ceramic Tourmaline Technology.
Width of plate 1.5 inch, newest heater MCH
Universal voltage adapt to 110~240V
Infrared heat protects hair with negative ions through dispensing holes

My Thoughts:

This is a pretty neat flat iron and works well. Is it the best I’ve ever used? Nope. Does it get the job done in okay time? Sure. It is nice that it has heat settings that go up pretty high but it’s also dangerous if you don’t use that feature responsibly. Nobody wants to mimic that girl who burned her hair off because she set the temperature of her hot tool too high so just be cautious. I also like that it doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature. That gets annoying to deal with because I don’t know anyone who flat irons their own hair (assuming it’s long) and it takes them less than 30 minutes. If you can, congratulations, you’re a wizard. It’s not worth the risk of burning your hair and causing massive damage. It has a nice, long cord which is always handy, but with the ‘dispensing holes’, it needs to be cleaned with more detail because product will gunk up in there and that can spread bacteria. It’s way better quality than the brands you find at Walmart or drug stores so I will recommend this as one to start yourself off with if you’re looking to upgrade.

Handling:                                It is a bit heavy for the wrist when handling which is kind of a bummer but it makes sense with the plate sizes outweighing the handle side.

Recommend?                         For personal use, yes. Professional, maybe.

Repurchase?                           Probably not

Retail:                                     $69.99

Size:                                         1.5-inch plates

Want to get your hands on this?

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