Daroko – The Power Styler

Online Description:

The Power Styler is a ceramic attachment that instantly improves your blow-dry and helps you achieve shinier, smoother, longer lasting results in less time.

Blow-dry your hair in the usual way, guiding The Power Styler gently down the hair shaft to achieve instant results. The hot air heats the ceramic plates, acting like a straightener, leaving your hair looking smooth and shiny.

My Thoughts:

This is quite the handy accessory to a hair dryer and it really does take time and effort out of your typical round brush experience. This is the type of attachment that you’re not going to want to remove once you put it on your hair dryer nozzle. It hurt my nails even trying to get it on the nozzle to begin with so when you clean and sanitize your nozzles, it’s easier if you don’t remove it and clean it with it attached. It scratches at your nozzle because the clip is so tight and that isn’t me knocking the product, it needs to be tight so it doesn’t fall off or move around during your blow dry, but it will wear down your nozzle and loosen up if you do remove and attach it constantly. I do like the color options they have and I feel like it gives every customer the opportunity to add a little bit of character to their hair dryer. As for the results? Amazing. It really does smooth out the cuticle a lot faster than just with a round brush and blow dryer alone. With the concentrated heat on the plates, it dries the hair faster and the hair looks smoother. The only downside to this product, and it’s kind of inevitable, was that you can’t remove the nozzle once you’re done using it because the heated plates on there make it incredibly hot to the touch so you just have to let the whole hair dryer cool off before you can remove the nozzle to clean it and store the hair dryer. Since I recommend not removing the plates, I would suggest buying the 3 pack deal on the website that way you can have one for each of your nozzles without having to pull them off each time to switch to another nozzle size. The company doesn’t ship to the US but you can get it from the link below. ☟ ☟ ☟

Handling:                    Small, so it doesn’t add much to the storage you have your nozzles on. But incredibly hot after use, so be careful!

Recommend?             Of course!

Repurchase?               If they broke, yes.

Retail:                         $44.95 3-Pack (Pink, Black & Turquoise)

The Power Styler.JPG

Want to get your hands on this?

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