Carol’s Daughter – Body Cleansing Cream (Angel Cake)

Online Description:

Wrap yourself up in the delicious scent of Angel Food with this rich cleansing cream. With its blend of coconut-derived cleansers and aloe leaf juice, the luxurious formula helps nourish your skin with moisture, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. And its delightful scent turns your daily shower into a little slice of heaven.

My Thoughts:

No a fan. I feel like my body was more moisturized than washed. I came out of the shower feeling a little greasy and not clean. I was recommended this product because of my dry skin but I think it’s more designed for dehydrated skin instead. All I know is it didn’t work for me like it was advertised to. It doesn’t lather very well so I just had to dispense and wash with my hands instead of with a loofah. I tried using it again in the winter with the colder temperatures and it drying out my skin more than normal and I feel like it worked better then but the lather characteristic was still an issue for me. It seems like you have to waste a lot just to be able to use it without the lather factor.

Texture:                      Liquid, thick, and creamy

Scent:                          A vanilla sucker punch to the nose

Recommend?             No

Repurchase?               No

Retail:                         I don’t remember. The company no longer carries it.

Size:                             8 fl. Oz.

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