Kneipp – Herbal Bath (Lavender)

Online Description:

Hectic lifestyle? Feeling overworked? Mentally drained? Soak for 15-20 minutes in the ultimate “relax time” bath with Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known for its balancing effects on body and mind and balance is the key to healthy body. Bring your being back to a state of equilibrium and your hectic life will seem much more manageable. Out of balance & over tired?? Combine 1capful of Lavender Balancing Bath with 1capful of Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath to completely calm the body and mind, while sending you into a restful sleep. Make Kneipp bath time a healthy ritual and soak in nature’s benefits. Transform your bath with the healing powers of water combined with plant and herbal essential oils blended to promote better overall health.


For a full bath, fill cap once to the mark. Add the bath oil to running bath water (97-100°F / 36-38°C) and soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse cap after use. For 8-10 full baths


My Thoughts:

It creates such a relaxing effect! This product was one out of a Glossybox and it was the 1 oz. bottle. I first tried this product after I came home from a long hike and my, did it help! I would recommend setting a really hot bath when you add this so that way to heat and steam can amplify and aerate the bathroom so you can maximize the benefits of the product but wait until your heat tolerance before you get in the water, of course. The manufacture ratio suggestion is helpful but I feel varies on the size of your tub. My tub is on the smaller size so I feel like I got by just fine using half of what the suggested amount was but I would experiment that at your own discretion. Be careful when pouring it, though because it can temporarily stain your skin in its concentrated form. It happened to me when I set my bath but faded with the warm water opening up my pores and enjoying a nice soak. My suggestion would be to make the most out of the experience, if you can, dim your bathroom lights, light a nice scented candle, and play some relaxing music low in the background. I prefer some nature sounds, but there’s also classical, R&B, meditation music, etc.


Recommend?                    Yes, and if lavender isn’t your thing, they have other scent options.

Repurchase?                      Yes.

Retail:                                   $20.00

Size:                                      3.38 fl. Oz.

Want to get your hands on this?

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