Glossybox – May 2016

This month had some nice picks in it. It comes with a little bit of everything including hair, skin, body, and makeup products that I really dig. The only thing I was disappointed about receiving was the Nioxin set, not because I don’t like the product, but because I have already been religiously using it for almost 2 years now, so it wasn’t something new for me to try. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the products, I think you will be satisfied with this month’s products. From what I’ve read online, to my own personal experiences, the brands in this box are really awesome. I’ve used Nioxin for a long time because I’m a cosmetologist so I’m very familiar with the line. Benefit Cosmetics are a reputable makeup brand on their own, although, I have found the rare item that just didn’t sit right with me. For Rituals Cosmetics, Glossybox has sent a few items from them over the past couple years and I have yet to be disappointed. Talika is a new brand but from the quick sample I used when I opened the box, I’m pretty excited to try it out. Last, Adore Cosmetics is also one that I don’t believe I’m familiar with but from the quick swatch/sample I did when opening, it seems very promising. All of these products will have links to them after I’ve tried them out for a month (except Nioxin, because I already know the product) with reviews on how they turned out in my experience and all that other good stuff. All in all, great job this month, Glossybox!

Here’s a look inside this month’s Glossybox:

Open Box.JPG

This box contains:

  • Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

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