Becca – Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème (Cashmere)

Online Description:

What it is:
A full-coverage yet breathable liquid foundation enriched with high concentrations of pigment and water.
What it does:
Conceal imperfections, redness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven texture with this weightless liquid foundation. Ideal for any skin type, it is formulated with a balance of 21 percent pure pigment and 22 percent water, which work in synergy to completely soften the appearance of blemishes and uneven texture.

My Thoughts:

AAHHHH-mazzinnngggg product! Flawless coverage with great blendability! It has a matte finish so it gives you a nice, blank canvas to build whatever look and contour you choose for the day. What I will warn against is this isn’t an everyday foundation. Due to it’s full (And I mean FULL) coverage, it does feel weighty on the skin so it doesn’t have much breathability and this is not one of the foundations I would risk falling asleep with on. We’ve all been there, with a day that’s been too long that we just pass out once we’re home or we’ve had a bit too much to drink and just pass out; this is NOT the foundation you want to risk with that. I’m not saying your face will turn into supreme pizza the next morning but your pores will be a little clogged and you may have a temporary planet renting out some space on your face, but a little spot treatment should help clear that up, because accidents will happen. I have seen good results with deluding it with moisturizer for a lighter coverage but that may have a few things to vary for each person (ie. your skin type, what moisturizer you dilute it with, etc.). And a little goes a long way with this product. You may think because it’s full coverage, you need to use a lot but NOPE. That’s one of the many benefits of this foundation, is that it is really thick and has amazing full coverage and you don’t need to pack it on your face to achieve it. This product gives you a natural, matte finish without making you look like a mannequin. How awesome is that?!

Texture:                               Technically it’s a liquid but it feels thick and cream like in my opinion.

Scent:                                   Has that typical makeup smell so nothing extreme or out of the ordinary.

Recommend?                    Of course!

Repurchase?                     You betcha!

Retail:                                  $44.00

Size:                                      1.01 oz

Want to get your hands on this?

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