Korres – Quercetin & Oak AntiAgeing Concealer (02 – Light)

Unfortunately, this product is discontinued.

Online Description:

Envy the smooth, flawless-looking complexions seen on magazine covers? Practice a little dermal deception with this cream concealer. Get reliable camouflage with a smooth, long-lasting and crease-free effect. Don’t envy— enjoy the look of a beautiful, ready-for-your-closeup complexion.

My Thoughts:

This is such an amazing product. I’m really disappointed that it was discontinued because it’s the only concealer that I’ve ever had that doesn’t set into fine lines, especially in the under eye area. It has great coverage with a thick consistency which came at another huge surprise for not setting into fine lines, like I mentioned. This product doesn’t have a scent that I can detect nor does it easily smudge once set. If you set it right after you’ve blended it to your desired look and coverage, you’re good to go and it won’t budge throughout the day. For the fact alone that I have never had a concealer work so seamlessly in the under eye area, I have to say that there isn’t a product I can recommend that is similar to this one but there are still a few chances for you to get your hands on one! I have found a few links on Amazon and Ebay where a few are still available but I would make sure they are still new because it’s not worth getting styes or pink eye from it being used in any way before for an exclusive product like this. Hopefully the company will bring this product back because this goes on the Holy Grail list for sure!

Texture:                                  thick cream

Scent:                                      Unscented

Recommend?                         Unavailable

Repurchase?                           Unavailable

Size:                                         0.16 oz.

3 Comments on “Korres – Quercetin & Oak AntiAgeing Concealer (02 – Light)

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