Benefit Cosmetics – Some Kind-a Gorgeous: the Foundation Faker (Deep)

Online Description:

Our cream-to-powder formula is silky perfection for your complexion! This foundation faker will even out your skintone with lightweight, sheer coverage, making it look chart-topping gorgeous!

My Thoughts:

Seriously LOVE this product! This was my skin tone when I used to fake and bake but since I don’t anymore, I use this now as a contour on my skin or a base for dark skin clients. They aren’t kidding about the cream to powder affect and it doesn’t leave a dirt-like feeling once it changes which is AWESOME! I’ve found that a lot of products that claim to be cream to powder either become super blotchy or gritty and dirt-like once you try blending it out. You can build this product, although, I personally don’t feel like you need to because it offers great coverage without compromising the integrity of your skin’s condition. This is also a great product for someone super on-the-go and only wears foundation, mascara, and lipstick because you can touch-up and reapply throughout the day and it still looks great! I wouldn’t recommend the same for anyone doing a full face because once you start adding other products, it’ll blend with them when you try to touch-up later and your look just won’t be the same for the day. Hands down, recommend! The company has a variety of shades so snag one up for yourself!

Texture:                                  Initially creamy, then it turns to smooth powder.

Scent:                                      It does have an odd chemical/makeup scent to it but it’s not overpowering.

Recommend?                         Yeeeessssssss!!!!

Repurchase?                           Of course!

Retail:                                     $30

Size:                                         0.34 oz.

Want to Get Your Hands on This?

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