Bellapierre – Cheek & Lip Stain (Pink)

Online Description:

Unlike traditional stains that are hard to apply, this oil-free Cheek and Lip Stain will finish off any look with great ease and is super blend-able. Available in Pink or Coral.

My Thoughts:

So for lip stains go, this product works really well and with its thick texture, it not only holds the color and feels super moisturizing but the pigment holds well after the product wears off but is great to reapply. As for cheek stains, I would recommend using this on like a beach day where you don’t use a lot a makeup but everything should be smudge proof and water resistant and this product has done that for me. I tested it out when I went on a hike to see if it was sweat proof and voila, it was! It doesn’t have scent so that’s great news. This is a product I received in a Glossybox and am so-so on. It’s a good product but I don’t think I have fallen so in love with it to use it on a constant basis. For me, it’ll probably get used mostly as a lip stain.

Texture:                                  Solid cream

Scent:                                      Unscented

Recommend?                         Probably not

Repurchase?                           Probably not

Retail:                                     $20

Size:                                         0.176 oz.

Want to Get Your Hands on This?

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