bareMinerals – All-Over-Face Color (Warmth)

Online Description:

What it is:
An allover face powder that highlights your complexion with a touch of radiance.

What it does:
Give skin a dewy, gorgeous glow with bareMinerals All-Over Face Color. Its illuminating minerals enhances your complexion with natural-looking luminosity. Just dust it where the light naturally hits your face, including the forehead, cheeks, browbones, and the bridge of your nose.

My Thoughts:

I highly recommend starting out with a little bit and working your way to darken to the desired look. A little goes a long way so if you happen to get too much in one spot, you’re going to have to sit there and blend your life away. Seriously. Either that or just wipe off your makeup and start over because it’s not worth risking a muddy or dirt look on your face. There’s a shimmer to it so it works well as a highlighter or light face powder coverage for darker skin tones (depends how you want to use it for your look that day) and a bronzer for lighter skin tones but always, ALWAYS try it in the store first to see if it works with your skin and if you feel like it’s a product you want to put in your routine. If you have a fast-paced schedule and don’t have time to perfect your makeup, I wouldn’t recommend getting this product because it does take practice before you nail down how to manipulate it how you want on your face.

Texture:                                           smooth, finely grained powder

Scent:                                                Non-scented

Recommend?                                  Maybe. Depends on the skin tone of the person.

Repurchase?                                   Probably not. I love makeup but I don’t think it should feel like a chore.

Retail:                                               $21

Size:                                                   0.05 oz.

Want to Get Your Hands on This?

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