DermaDoctor – 15-Benefits-in-1 Dermatologically Defining BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Online Description:

What it is:
A multifunctional corrective beauty balm with self-adjusting coverage and mineral-based, broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection.

What it is formulated to do:
– An all-purpose, mineral-based beauty balm
– Features SPF 30 sun protection
– Comes in one shade

The alphabet soup stops here—DD does it all. This Dermatologists’ Dream Cream defines, delays, defends, delights, and delivers. It provides 15 healthy skin benefits, a mineral based SPF 30, and a white sapphire complex that brings out the beauty of everyone’s unique skintone. No skintone matching to product shade is required: the white sapphire complex is self-adjusting and brings out and enhances the beauty of one’s own unique skintone beauty. It infuses skin with a dermatologist developed beautifying cocktail that leaves skin healthy and naturally gorgeous.

Additional benefits include the following: self-adjusting coverage; antiaging; hydrating; defending; evening skintone; minimizing pores; blemish soothing; reducing redness; firming; brightening; priming; enhancing vibrancy; refining; mattifying; and nourishing.

My Thoughts:

Not ideal for fair skin tones. I can see that it does adjust but it seems like it can only adjust so light before it still looks orange-y for lighter skin tones. Pretty shimmery so I feel like it’s ideal for a day at the beach where you want light coverage, sun-kissed glow, and protection for your face.The product feels hydrating on the skin and seems water-resistant. I use it as a base but I use a very thin layer and a foundation that’s barely lighter than my usual shade to offset the darker shade of the DD cream and it seems to work fine. I unfortunately can’t wear it alone due to the fact that it doesn’t lighten enough for my skin but it does work for all it’s other benefits and it’s a great primer for foundation in achieving a flawless look without blotches or breaking down later on throughout the day. Still a product I would recommend for those with darker than fair skin.

Texture:                                           Creamy, but still really smooth and light

Scent:                                                Typical foundation smell

Recommend?                                  Probably not for anyone my skin tone.

Repurchase?                                   Maybe for my makeup kit but not for my personal set.

Retail:                                               $38

Size:                                                   1.3 oz.

Want to Get Your Hands on This?

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